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Discussion > Off TopicAug 19, 2019 8:00 am CT

What “best game ever” did you start and then never beat?

It’s no secret that gamers tend to have a long backlog of games that will, in all likelihood, never be finished. But in a lot of cases, those unfinished games tend to be the kind that were purchased on super sale or even part of something like Epic’s free-game program. It’s a bit rarer to purchase a Game of the Year contender (or even winner), get partway through it, and then just never finish it.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened with me and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

I remember picking the game up at a “midnight” (read: 9:00 p.m.) release, mostly on a whim — but just because it was a whim didn’t mean I didn’t immediately fall in love with the game. It was gorgeous! It was engaging! Aloy was a lovable protagonist! At some point, however, I put the game down and just… never picked it back up again. Mind you, part of this was spurred on by a rough patch in my life, but even when that ended, I never came back to the game. And I, frankly, don’t have a great reason for this.

I could blame it on not having enough free time, but that’s only partially true — after all, I just spent 40 hours playing through Fire Emblem: Three Houses over the course of a few weeks in between rounds of Overwatch, so it’s not like I can’t play any games when I want to. Plus, I still want to play it at some point. But again, it just never happens. There’s always something else that takes priority.

So this post is dedicated to all those games that you’ve started but never finished, for no real reason other than that they fell off the radar and never returned. What game is that for you? Which game — despite how great it was or how interested you were in it — did you start and never finish?

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