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Gallery > WoW > WoW ClassicAug 26, 2019 11:00 am CT

Our roundup of every single vanilla World of Warcraft zone gallery for Kalimdor

To celebrate the launch of WoW Classic, we’ve been sharing galleries of all of the game’s zones as they looked before the Cataclysm struck Azeroth. But there are a lot of zones in the game, and we want to make sure you can find the zone you’re looking for as easily as possible. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of all our vanilla WoW galleries for the Kalimdor leveling zones.

Teldrassil (1-10)

Known for being the starting zone of Night Elves and also for not being on fire.

See our gallery here.

Durotar (1-10)

The starting zone for Trolls and Orcs, with a much more simplified Echo Isles compared to live.

See our gallery here.

Mulgore (1-10)

Starting zone for Tauren and potential future rubble pile.

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Darkshore (10-20)

Night Elves will continue their trek from Teldrassil into Darkshore and likely die to several bears here.

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The Barrens (10-25)

One of the most infamous zones in the game. If you’re lucky, you may find Mankrik’s wife somewhere here.

See our gallery here.

Stonetalon Mounts (15-27)

To be honest, I mostly remember this zone as the one I had to run through to get to Desolace, but it also does work as a leveling zone zone if The Barrens gets too difficult.

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Ashenvale Forest (18-30)

There are significantly fewer Horde soldiers here, and Night Elves continuing their journey will likely wind up leveling here after Darkshore.

See our gallery here.

Thousand Needles (25-35)

Arguably one of the most changed zones, Thousand Needles in vanilla had almost no water, and the unforgettable Shimmering Flats area.

See our gallery here.

Desolace (30-40)

Here’s where Horde players go to spend days searching for Rexxar. It’s also another zone that changed quite a bit, notably in its center, which is not even the slightest bit lush.

See our gallery here.

Dustwallow Marsh (35-45)

You’ll be heading here a lot if you plan to raid at level 60. Also, you can visit a Theramore that does, in fact, exist.

See our gallery here.

Feralas (40-50)

Site of a Dragon of Nightmare and also featuring an entire island that sunk during the Cataclysm. Oh, and the three different Dire Maul wings are here.

See our gallery here.

Tanaris Desert (40-50)

One of my personal favorites, this zone is still a massive desert, though with even fewer pirates and less water.

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Azshara (45-55)

One of the most beautiful zones from vanilla, Azshara may not have a ton of quests, but it’s worth visiting for the view alone. Plus, Herbalists will be farming here plenty to make Fire Resistance Potions.

See our gallery here.

Un’Goro Crater (48-55)

Outside of being the zone that starts the amazing Linken chain, this zone also features giant Devilsaurs who somehow manage to sneak up on you all the time.

See our gallery here.

Felwood (48-55)

Notably absent from this version of Felwood is the entire Worgen tree at the northern end. It’s also most players’ only route into Winterspring.

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Winterspring (55-60)

Quite possibly the zone that will end many players’ leveling journeys, Winterspring also features Darkwhisper Gorge, a place Priests will be farming for hours if they ever want Benediction/Anathema.

See our gallery here.

Silithus (55-60)

Honestly not all that different, Silithus is the second high-level zone in Kalimdor, and the site of the Ahn’Qiraj raid.

See our gallery here.


You won’t actually be leveling in Moonglade — barring a few exceptions — but it’s still quite pretty to look at.

See our gallery here.

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