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The QueueSep 5, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: My head hurts

Today is Day 12 of having a headache. It gets immeasurably painful when I do any sort of physical activity and turns into a dull, regular headache the rest of the time. It’s been real fun. But hey, the doctors insist I’m not dying, so there is that.

Anyhow, that’s as clever an intro as you’re gonna get from me today. Let’s Queue.


Random Q4tQ: which Blizzard characters would make the worst voices for GPS navigation?

My first thought was Sindragosa. Nothing like making a wrong turn and hearing the GPS scream “Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic mapping BETRAAAAAYYS YOUUUU!”

C’Thun wouldn’t be much good either. “You will die. But first, turn right at the next intersection.”

Ooooh, I like weird questions like this one. I agree with your Sindragosa assessment, though I’d be totally fine with C’Thun as a navigator. I think Cho’Gall could get annoying if we assume we’d hear both of his heads talking. And if we go with the random, sometimes-different voice Lor’themar has had since patch 8.2, I’m not sure how much of that I could take. But you know who would be the worst?

Malfurion. I’d probably just walk everywhere and/or find my own way to my destination if he were my GPS system’s voice.


QftQ – Based on today’s answer about intermingling retail patches with classic phases, what happens when Blizzard runs out of phases? Speculate away!

There are a couple options here, but they’re all for Classic. I mean, retail’s not gonna stop any time soon, so it’s really a matter of how Blizz chooses to fill the retail lulls with Classic content. I can see Blizzard either… starting new servers that begin at Phase 1 again, so people can relive some of the special releases, releasing Burning Crusade servers and moving on from there, or simply leaving Classic alone and going back to retail being the only version of WoW they update. Of all of those — and I’m actually sort of surprised to say this — but I think BC servers are the most likely. Then again, interest in Classic may die down very fast and prove BC servers to not be worth the long-term investment.


Wait… what… “classic phase 2”? I thought the whole idea was to capture wow (warts and all) patch one point something… erm, in perpetuity. Did I miss something?

For the most part, yes. But Blizz has decided to release specific content in waves. Part of this is to recapture the feeling of “new raid/dungeon!” content people felt back in the day, and part of it is to give a more accurate feeling of progression (and balance) through Classic. I mean, think if you were on a PVP server and the guys from Method or APES cleared Naxx in the first week or two. There’s no way you’d ever have a chance of being on their level. But with phased releases, there’s at least a “cap” to player power that helps keep things slightly more even for all types of players.

Also, it means they can extend the hype much longer. Arguably, the business behind phased releases is the biggest reason for their existence. Regardless, we’re getting specific content at later dates, but balance, talents, systems, etc. are all the way they were in patch 1.12.


Here’s the strange thing about no 8.3 announcement before Blizzcon, but the next xpac announcement and 8.3 announcement at Blizzcon:
Generally they’ve had the xpac announcement in the opening thing. When they’ve talked about patches at Blizzcon, and they have, they’ve had a seperate section for that and not mentioned them in the opening ceremony. BUT, we’ve usually kind of known about them.

So if the opening ceremony goes: In a world without Sylvanas…without old gods…with the titan Azeroth fully healed…it was inevitable the true evil would finally rise up… 9.0 Wrath of the Lich Corgis!.
Then later we get the reveal of 8.3, with the raid where we go to Nyalotha, to take on N’zoth, where we have to face off against the mind controlled Azshara, while they try to wound Azeroth more. Will we succeed? And who is helping them? Oh…right, it’s Sylvanas, and we do succeed, because we already know that from the next xpac announcement… … …

So if we have any kind of tension of what happens next, we really need 8.3 first then nextpac. And that is why, just the way everything is timing out, that we’re going to have another Legion, where it won’t be announced at Blizzcon, but at some other event.

I understand where you’re coming from, but there’s no way Blizzard isn’t announcing a WoW expansion at BlizzCon this year. We’ve had patch 8.x or patch 8.x.5 release roughly every 3 months, with the PTR for the next patch showing up shortly after. Patch 8.2.5 content has already been on the PTR for a decent amount of time, and end of September/early October is likely when we’ll see it launch. That still gives close to (if not more than) a month for patch 8.3 news before BlizzCon.

Even though there’s no way patch 8.3 actually releases before BlizzCon, we’ll have enough info on it for Blizzard to drop an expansion announcement. And while the scenario you described is certainly possible, Blizzard should be smart enough to know how to talk around spoiling major story bits like who dies in the final raid of BFA. All you need for an expansion announcement is, well, the announcement itself, the location we’ll be going to, the major features being added/changed, and the level range. If the story focuses on Old Gods, why would I need to know what happens to Sylvanas or Jaina or Genn right off the bat?

I mean, maybe they will “spoil” 8.3 in their reveal of 9.0. Maybe they will say what the leaders are up to. But whatever they do, they’re going to announce a WoW expansion at BlizzCon.


Another poll for the day.

How do you feel about chasing zone achievements / meta-achievements (like in Mechagon / Nazjatar)?

– I love them, it’s one of my favorite activities in WoW
– I like them, I’ll do them from time to time
– I’m indifferent, I’ll do them if there’s nothing better to do
– I don’t like them, I’ll very rarely do them
– I hate them, I avoid them like the plague

I used to be very completionist about content, and I would chase achievements wherever I could, rushing to get everything done and check off every box. Nowadays, I don’t have time for that, and it honestly feels more relaxing not worrying about those sorts of things. It’s weird, because I used to care very deeply about finishing everything and now I just… don’t? But hey, it is what is is, and I’m enjoying the game more for it.

I guess that puts me somewhere in between the second and third options.


Q4tQ: What’s on your current “want to binge” TV list? I still need to watch Good Omens, the Boys, and Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

I’m almost done with Amazon’s The Boys after having watched a bunch of it a few weeks ago. I also need to finish the final season of iZombie since it was recently added to Netflix, and I am genuinely curious about the Dark Crystal, though it’s lower on my list. Oh, and I really want to check out Chernobyl and The Righteous Gemstones. And and and…

Crap, my watch list is very long.


So now that Overwatch on Switch is kindasortamostly confirmed, I’ll ask again in this queue: Do you think we’ll get some Nintendo-specific skins for characters, and if so which ones?

Samus/Pharah is a strong contender in my book, and with a new Metroid Prime game coming (eventually?) they could take it a step further and give her a Metroid Prime-inspired HUD.

But regarding skins, there’s the matter of cross-platform. I kinda doubt we’ll be able to use our current accounts and collections in an OW Switch (we had to start over in D3, for instance) and I wonder if that’s going to be really hard to get over since this particular port is coming so late.

Sadly, I don’t think this’ll happen. If anything, Blizz will add a skin that is vaguely reminiscent of a Nintendo character (like they did for Morales and Samus in Heroes of the Storm) and make it available for all platforms. We don’t have Xbox-specific skins, nor do we have PS4-specific skins. There’s no reason to believe we’d get Switch-specific skins.

Oh, and skins and collections and all that will almost assuredly not transfer over. They don’t for Xbox or PS4 right now, and I can’t see that changing. If it DID happen, you’d probably have a lot of multi-platform players claiming they wasted money buying Loot Boxes on PC and PS4 when they could have just waited for the cross-platform collection to be put in place. Plus, if people are willing to spend money buying Loot Boxes on multiple platforms, it makes no sense business-wise to change that model.

Sorry, that answer was kind of a downer on all fronts.


Arent there a lot of villains where their full scope of villainy and motivation isn’t known till the third act?

And like we know her motivation we just dont know her goal.

You are correct, this happens in plenty of stories. The most prominent example I can think of right now is Snape, Snape, Severus Snape from Harry Potter. He was never painted as a “good guy” — and he still genuinely had a dislike for Harry — but it wasn’t until his dying moments that we saw how everything he’d done (including his killing of Dumbledore and infiltration of Voldemort’s ranks) was done in the interest of good. Yes, there were some context clues that are even more obvious in retrospect, but he’s a character that could very easily have died a villain had JK Rowling wanted him to.

But at the last moment, we saw everything, and the picture became a lot clearer. I still don’t think Sylvanas is about to turn into the savior of Azeroth, but it’s not unprecedented to not know someone’s true motivations or story until the final moments.

That’s all for today! Go play outside or give me bad medical advice or something. Whatever you do, I hope you have fun doing it!

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