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Diablo > DiscussionSep 10, 2019 8:00 am CT

What would be the best feature you could imagine for Diablo 4?

I’ve been thinking about the lessons Diablo 3 teaches us in terms of going forward with Diablo 4.

First off, of course, we want to avoid launch errors that make the game unplayable. As much as I wish that they’d get rid of the always-online component of the game, it doesn’t seem likely. There are relatively few game companies out there who don’t want both the potential engagement of an always-on game plus the anti-piracy measure that making the game reliant on their own servers supplies. It may be my least favorite aspect of Diablo 3, but I doubt it’s going anywhere.

I think it would be a massive benefit to Diablo 4 if it ports in the Torment difficulty system and the Adventure Mode gameplay, perhaps even expanding on both out of the game. Diablo as a series has always made good use of procedurally generated content and I hope it can combine this with Adventure Mode, perhaps creating whole procedurally generated zones to adventure in indefinitely. I also hope they provide more robust multiplayer, PVP, and absolutely no repeat of the Real Money Auction House — it was an idea that worked better in theory than in practice, and it didn’t provide as much value to the game as its removal ultimately did.

I’ve actually wondered if the game would benefit from taking a step towards customization, letting you play not just one of two Barbarians based entirely on gender but instead letting you pick your appearance to some degree. You can’t really introduce the concept of race to Diablo — you’re playing a human because that’s pretty much all Sanctuary has to offer, and that’s fine — but you could have things like nationality to make the game more diverse. That’s something I’d like to see.

But that leads to the portion of this Breakfast Topic where we ask you what you would most want for Diablo 4. What should it bring back or carry over from older games? What would make for a new feature or mechanic you’d like to see?

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