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Discussion > WoWSep 16, 2019 8:00 am CT

How would you soft reset World of Warcraft’s in-game economy?

A lot of things have changed over World of Warcraft’s nearly 15-year history. Those differences feel all the more notable lately thanks to the launch of WoW Classic (assuming you’re playing both, that is). For me, one of the aspects of modern WoW that I always knew existed was the gold inflation… but it’s not something I really felt until more recently when playing WoW Classic. What do I mean by that, exactly?

Well, it occurred to me recently that I actually feel pretty well off as a level 30-something with about 27 gold in WoW Classic. Am I rich? No — not even close. But I don’t feel poor. Then I looked at my gold amount in BFA. I have just under 30,000 gold — more than 1,000 times as much gold as I have on WoW Classic! But, boy, do I feel poor (and I’m sure there are people reading this wondering how the heck I only have that much gold).

Again, I’m not even close to rich in either version of the game. But in the one where I have 1,000 times as much gold, I feel poor. I feel like I’m barely scraping by, and that I have to be careful about how I spend gold on enchants and food and all that fun stuff. In the other version of the game where I have less than 30 gold, I feel good about myself. And that weird dichotomy got me wondering if there might be a way to bring back that feeling to modern WoW. Would it be possible to do a soft reset of currency in a way that doesn’t create such a huge gap between how much gold any two people have? Is it possible to make smaller currency amounts feel important again?

The best — and I use that term lightly — I have to offer is introduction platinum (or something above gold), and then just… giving everyone X amount of platinum. That way, gold sinks from before the reset retain their value relative to what was possible at the time, but everything moving forward has a baseline amount to balance around. It would certainly create a weird gap point where you go from not being able to afford, say, a Long Boi to suddenly being able to afford 10… but everything after that point in the game would be more equalized.

I don’t know, honestly. I’m clearly not great at making gold, so my solution here is far from ideal. But that’s what you’re here for! Can you think of a way to soft reset gold in WoW to make it meaningful again without keeping the huge gap between players? Perhaps most importantly, should Blizzard even try to do such a reset in the first place? Sound off below!

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