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Discussion > WoWSep 25, 2019 8:00 am CT

What do you think of the end of the War Campaign?

If you somehow read the title and thought this post wouldn’t contain spoilers for the end of the War Campaign, I have some bad news for you: This post will contain spoilers for the end of the War Campaign. (Yes, that includes the comments.)

Okay, where were we? Right. War Campaign. Yesterday, after a little over a year of waiting to see how that fateful attack on Teldrassil would end, we finally saw the finale to Battle for Azeroth’s War Campaign. It opened pretty quickly with a cinematic, then players were given a couple different quest routes, depending on their faction and/or how loyal they’d been to Sylvanas thus far, and once those had been done, it closed with a downright gorgeous pre-rendered cinematic. Through it, we witness the showdown between Sylvanas and Saurfang — the former dying after a direct blast of what appears to be Void energy and the latter peacing out to live for another day. Long live the Banshee Queen!

All in all, I was really happy to see the loyalist choices pay off, both with unique quests and an entirely unique epilogue at Windrunner Spire that sheds more light on what Sylvanas has been up to and what may come in the future. I was a little disappointed that the questing wasn’t a bit more involved. Mind you, I wouldn’t have loved it if it had been gated for the sake of being gated, but it still seems like we could have done more before the big finale. I’ve said all along that my final judgment will be reserved for how this all ends, and technically, the Fourth War has ended. But it still feels like setup for something much larger, and Sylvanas’ story is far from over — so it’s hard to say how I feel about everything that’s happened since the burning of Teldrassil.

Of course, I love Sylvanas. I’m excited to see where this goes and what 8.3 has for us. The War Campaign itself was mostly satisfying, but I do wish we’d gotten more content more often. Outside of that, I’m definitely on the side of enjoying the story — but as a Sylvanas loyalist, that’s probably not too surprising.

I’ve talked enough now, though. Let’s hear from you! What did you think of the end of the War Campaign? What about the Campaign as a whole? Sound off below!

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