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The QueueOct 3, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Make me do anything

Today’s title is inspired by the first Q&A, which I did post in the comments but felt worth repeating here. What am I talking about, you ask? Read on to find out!

By which I mean… let’s Queue.


can we expect an expansion announcement or no? wondering if I should get my hopes up.

Per my comment… Yes. If there isn’t a new WoW expansion announced at BlizzCon this year, I will live stream myself doing literally anything you guys ask me to for 24 hours straight.


Assuming the worst and there actually *is* no expansion at BlizzCon: what PG-13 thing are you least anticipating doing for your viewers?

Again, I’m confident I won’t need to, but if that were to happen, I might put in some sort of dietary clause. Being vegetarian, I wouldn’t be surprised to have someone say, “Hahahaha, eat meat for us!” but… that’s maybe something I wouldn’t do, because it would very likely make me actually sick. And before anyone asks, I grew up with chicken and turkey as my only meats, so I’ve never had red meat in my life. Pretty sure my body wouldn’t know what to do with it. Then again, I did say “literally anything,” so I guess if people wanted to be real jerks about it, maybe.

Outside of that, other non-meat food requests could still potentially get bad. I’m fine with spicy things, but I’m not one to handle any and all foods. Chunky milk would make me gag for sure. I don’t really know what other things y’all would request. I’d hope you wouldn’t make me, like, punch a stranger, but I suppose anything legally risky wouldn’t be something I’d want to do.

Again, I don’t know though. What would y’all actually want me to do in this definitely-won’t-happen hypothetical world?


How would you feel about N’Zoth being the final boss of BfA? I’ve given this a ridiculous amount of thought, and I’d only be okay with it if we lose. It seems like it would be an utter waste to take a character who pre-dates civilization on Azeroth, has been the power behind two of the world’s biggest bads (Deathwing and Azshara), and who was just released, and then have us defeat him as the last raid of an expansion that wasn’t even about him.

Oh, yeah, I definitely wouldn’t want us to defeat N’Zoth at the end of BFA. He’s had far too much buildup and far too little actual presence for Blizz to have us kill him off in one patch. I do hope that we see a lot of him in 8.3 though. And I would be fine if he were the last boss if we lost and it helped set up the next expansion.

Truthfully, my dream plan for the last raid is that N’Zoth starts to resurrect the Black Empire (including the other Old Gods we “defeated”) and lays siege to multiple capital cities. The raid would span multiple locations, and we’d lose at least two of the cities. The places we lose would then turn into seats of power for the Old Gods in the next expansion. Picture it: A fight spanning across the entirety of Azeroth so dire that we can barely make it out alive. And at the end of it all, Stormwind (for example) now houses C’Thun or Yogg or some other Old God, and the streets are filled with their servants. In a way, it would be a lot like Undead Stratholme, except in Stormwind and with Old Gods.


Q4tQ: With BlizzCon closing in, what are your hopes and dreams as far as class changes go?

Uhhh… I haven’t actually given this much thought, to be quite honest. Mainly because what I want for Shadow pretty much never happens. What I would LOVE for Shadow is to have it split into its own class somehow. I want more than one set of talent trees to really help bring some flavor to the class that you can’t get with one tree. And I know, the Priest class includes three specs and you get the flavor from all three and yadda yadda. Shadow is barely acknowledged when Priests come into play, though, and I feel like we’d get more love if we just plain became our own thing so Blizzard didn’t have to constantly write about Priests as though they only have two specs.

Also, unpopular opinion I’ve voiced before: I want Blizzard to cut back on self-healing options for most classes. I also want to cut back on the amount of temporary buffs I have on my character at one time because I can never tell what the heck is happening and almost always have 2-3 limited-duration buffs that are hopping from one spot to another on my buff bar because one of them is running out or refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, the visual effects have only gotten prettier over time, but one of Blizz’s goals at the start of the expansion was to slow down combat and make certain abilities stand out a lot more so you could recognize them if you saw them on someone else. Abilities DO stand out, but when you have as many of them as we do now, it’s a lot harder to tell what’s happening.


Q4TQ: how much Mitch would a Mitchmitcher mitch if a Mitchmitcher could mitch Mitch?

Q4TQ: the Wendigo Onesie from the Virtual Ticket seems to be pretty polarizing. People either love it or hate it.

Why would someone hate it or think it’s “dumb” or “gross”?

About 13.

Is it polarizing? I haven’t paid super close attention, but if people dislike it, perhaps it’s because they won’t like seeing everyone running around in the same getup. That sort of thing loses its uniqueness when the entire city is wearing it. Personally, I still think it’s cute and fun. You’re never going to make everyone happy, though. Blizzard can’t offer a million things and hope at least one of them lands with everyone. The best they can do is make something fun and buzz-worthy and hope it sticks with enough people.


Follow up QftQ: Is Talanji going to adopt the Darkspear? When will the Darkspear get a new leader otherwise?

… I suppose ditto for the orcs now but I care less about them

Why not Rokhan? He’s been the face of the Darkspear for a while now, and I think he’d make a pretty good leader. Plus, I don’t think one Troll tribe would ever adopt another like that. Either the leaderless tribe would select or new leader or be conquered by force. But while they’re on good terms, it just seems like the Darkspear would elect someone.

As for Orcs, I really hope it’s not Thrall. Another unpopular opinion from me today, but I do not like Thrall. I’d prefer Eitrigg.


When can I expect to see the article you couldn’t fit into Twitter re: Sylvanas, Garrosh, and MoP 2.0?

Alternatively, who would YOU like to see lead the Forsaken / Horde?

Honestly? I don’t know. Blizzard Watch is not my primary job, and I don’t have nearly as much time to write an article like that as I used to. I would LIKE to, but it’s hard to make happen. Most of my time on the site nowadays is spent editing, assigning, and making sure we have posts ready for the morning. I’ve definitely had to scrap a couple really cool article ideas I had an interest in writing purely because I didn’t have the time to write them. I know that’s both unsatisfying and a little depressing, but that’s just the way things go sometimes.

As far as leading the Forsaken, I’m sure Nathanos is out but I still love the guy. Lillian Voss is a good, realistic choice, though. For the Horde? Good Yogg, I hope they stop this whole Warchief business. Go to a council. Agree on decisions. Stop causing in-fighting because you continue to hold onto the same power dynamic decided by… the Orcs? Ages ago? Frankly, if the Horde elect a new Warchief instead of making it a War Council, I’ll face palm a bit.


Not that I think it would happen, but what if we got an expansion with a small number of zones, but multiple versions of those zones?

For example, a Twilight Dragon expansion where maybe we go to the Dragon Isles and can visit them at different points throughout history, or some new dimensional-nexus island where it’s one or two zones, but we can see the same place in the Emerald Dream and the Shadowlands, which essentially swaps out the buildings and atmosphere and mobs but keeps the landscape basically the same.

Something like that could save enough time to have more content in total in the expansion, but do you think players would be okay with something like that? Personally I think it’s a fun idea. And if they ever wanted to do an Emerald Dream or Shadowlands “phase” of zones, I could see it as another excuse to revamp older zones like Arathi and Darkshore.

I like the idea in theory because I’m a sucker for seeing different versions of the same place, but I don’t want it as the main approach to an expansion’s zones. MAYBE if Blizzard actually went and changed, like… everything about the zone instead of doing that thing they do where they change the sky and add new mobs (I’m thinking of the “Shadowlands” questline in Drustvar on Alliance side). I think the best way to describe what I’d be okay with is if we got one zone with multiple versions that were each on the same degree of different as Outland zones are to their Draenor counterparts.

Like, if you can show me something like Terokkar Forest and then Shadowlands-ify it and have it become something like Talador, I’d probably be okay with that (especially if there were a third version of the zone). But at that point, it would probably be better to just call them two separate zones and avoid players crying “RECYCLED CONTENT” as they are wont to do.


Q4tQ: Should I start taking my Shadow Priest through BfA in preparation for the nexpac’s storyline? So far I’ve taken my BM Hunter and my Balance Druid through BfA, both nelves, but their stories pretty much ended in Val’sharah.

I suppose it depends how into roleplaying your character you are. Whether Shadow or not, you get the experience on whichever character you play and will have adequate info going into what comes next to understand what’s going on. It’s not like playing Shadow would provide new or unique info for you (outside of a few small tidbits here and there with Xal’atath). If you like roleplaying your character and really immersing them into the story, then I think it would absolutely add a fun element to things by being Shadow.

This is all, of course, assuming the next expansion is centered around Old Gods and the Void. It may very well be something entirely different. Ask me after BlizzCon and/or the beta starts and I may have a better answer for you :)

That’s all for today! I don’t have anything catchy to close with, so uhh… make sure you stay hydrated. In general, it’s a good idea. Also ask lots of questions.

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