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The QueueOct 8, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Did something happen yesterday?

There I was, minding my own business in the mid-afternoon. Suddenly, it was hours later. I couldn’t remember anything that happened in between, but my fingers ached and my head was swimming. Ordinarily I would try to make sense of it, but since it was a big announcement day I just popped a couple ibuprofen and kept on typing.

This is The Queue, and most of the Qs that need As today are unsurprisingly about patch 8.3. We have all the info you need so far about patch 8.3, but sometimes there are even more questions to answer!


Q4tQ: What pet do you expect Hunters of the new Allied Race to start with? I’m guessing those Ravens near Rustfeather for Mechagnomes, and either Vulture or Hyena for Vulpera.

I expected those mechanical vulture/hawk things for Mechagnomes and hyenas for the Vulpera, but since the PTR went live, we have a conclusive answer. Mechagnomes will get a blue mechawolf as their starter pet, and Vulpera get a huge red snake. The latter was a bit much in the place they currently land in Orgrimmar, but having Meera, Dolly, and Dot nearby makes literally anything easier to handle.


Q4TQ: I play WoW very casually now (mostly transmog hunting), but with 8.3 I may need to try raiding again. I haven’t done this for years, and am looking for a casual, chill 1-2 night raid guild.

What should I do to search? A quick forum search seems mostly guilds advertising more hardcore progression.

The current Looking For Guild tool is all-but nonexistent, as far as I can tell. It hasn’t been removed per se, but even on my unguilded characters. We do have a good guide to finding a guild, and it does apply for even casual guilds, but it’s a bit exacting for me. Networking via Discord and forums is also an option, but I’m generally too lazy even for that. I’m an ideal guild recruit, for sure though.

I’ve had decent luck finding guilds just spot-filling PUG Normal raids using the Premades section of the LFG tool — on my Mistweaver Monk, at least. With my Hunter, when I PUG it’s frequently just a one-shot group, but my Monk tends to get slotted in to guild groups which are short a healer that day. If I get along pretty well with the group — which doesn’t always happen, oof — I ask whether they’re recruiting. I’ve found a couple decent guilds this way, though of course over the years many of them have dissolved or else decided to push more hardcore progression — in which case I see myself out. So many wolves to get murdered by in The Long Dark, so little time.



Q4tQ: is there even a point to playable Vulpera, if they don’t get alpaca mounts?
If it’s a problem of scale, should Tauren and Orcs be removed from the Horde, so that the Horde may have Alpaca mounts?

No. Literally no.

I mean, they are still very cute and cuddly, and oh my god did you SEE their sleep animation?

So maybe — maybe — there could be a reason to play them even without the alpacas, which they quite unfortunately did not get. Dolly, Dot, and Meerah are chilling out in Org now though, so that could be a decent consolation prize. And alpaca mounts have been datamined, so perhaps that’s a Soon™️ situation.

But no, still no.


Q4tQ: Are you already committed to your plans for Mechagnomes/Vulpera, or are you waiting for BlizzCon in case there are more new races/classes forthcoming in 8.3.5 or the nexpac?

Oh gosh, I honestly hadn’t even thought of that. I saw tiny fennec fox people and thought I might get to ride a fluffy, squeezable alpaca, and everything else went out of my head for a while. I don’t necessarily have a plan, I just want one to hug and snuggle.


Q4TQ: when you see the ETC concert at Darkmoon Faire, do you /cheer at them for +10% to all stats?

If so, which member do you cheer at?

I’m partial to Chief Thunder-Skins, though on my blood elves I often pick Sig Nicious instead. I like Mai’Kyl as well.

I honestly had no idea this was a thing. I’ve been avoiding that concert since forever — not really my overall vibe, while the haunted steampunk carnival absolutely is. I’ll have to time my visits more accurately from now on! But yeah, Sig Nicious is my dude.

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