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The QueueDec 12, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I’ve got the bow, all I need is 10 gold for the arrows

Loads of MitchCoin to anyone who understands my title.

It’s time to Queue.


Q4TQ: what’s up with the Red Dragonflight? (Besides the DKs slaughtering them, that is.)

Every other Dragonflight has possible successors for the Dragon Aspects, but it seems like with the Reds, every major NPC other than Alexstrasza seems to die horribly in a quest, dungeon or raid.

Well, they’re the “life” Dragonflight, right? So clearly Blizz is going for irony here.


Q4tQ: Instead of being carried away by eagles, should a support toon stumbling upon Trueshot Lodge have gotten their leg caught in a bear trap?

Yes, 100%. And then Shia LaB00f would come out of nowhere and eat them. This continues until you resurrect outside of Trueshot Lodge.


Q4Mitch: Did you take part in the official Pokemon tournament this past weekend? Was your experience as bad as mine? 10 matches in a row against players who had been abusing the known exploits to do things like field a team of 3 Shiny Pokemon, all of which were in Master Balls, and stat wise massively overpowered. Do you think the fault lies with the players publicizing and utilizing said exploits, or with the developers for failing to limit and fix these issues? I know there have been WoW incidents like this in the past, so where does the line fall between clever use of in game mechanics and cheating?

I didn’t take part in the tournament, but it certainly would be nice if the developers found a way to prevent exploits that allowed Pokemon like that into a tournament. But given it was the first of its kind (I think, anyhow), it’s hard to expect it to be perfect. Maybe the devs can use this going forward as a way to pinpoint the exploits. I don’t know enough about the tournament to fully speak on it, though.

But I do think there’s a higher responsibility to fix these sorts of things (and punish post-tournament) if there’s any sort of official prize on the line or if winning the tournament can lead to further tournaments. It is cheating, though, and it kind of ruins the experience for everyone.


How is everyone doing on their holiday preparations? Decorations-wise I’m already done since we hosted a party last weekend and decorated earlier than I usually do for it. Shopping-wise though I’m only about a third done, and the people I have left to shop for are the harder ones where nothing in particular comes to mind.

And it’s already December 11th? Where did the time go…

Good Yogg, I have no idea how the time is flying by so quickly, but I can’t keep up. As for holiday stuff, decorating… isn’t really something I do. Woo! I’m very exciting, I know.

Shopping-wise, I have maybe 1/3 – 1/2 of gifts bought? I have ideas for a lot of folks, but there are some whose gifts I don’t have a clue on, and that’s what I really need to get on top of ASAP.


Q4tMitch: so you’re a vegetarian, but what if I zap a castle wall with the “flesh to stone” spell, and use the now meaty wall as a source of meat? It was never alive.

Well, the thing is, it’s still meat. The “it was never alive” equivalent would be cutting a piece of the castle wall out, cooking it, and then monching on it. But now, the act of turning the wall into meat, in essence, implies the entire process turned the stone wall alive, killed it, then turned it into the meat of the alive version of the castle. And that would still gross me out.

Also, my stomach can’t handle meat. Doesn’t matter what kind. It wouldn’t end well for me.


Q4TMitch: You’re in charge of creating a WoW abomination. You can pick the lower body of any creature or character, the body from another, the head of another and the mind/personality of another. What nightmare creature do you make?

Okay, this has far too many possibilities for me to choose the perfect one. Honestly, this feels like a good random-generator thing. Someone who can code, please make that happen.

In the meantime, here’s the first combo that came to mind…I would choose the lower torso of a corrupted treant, the body of a crawg, the head of the Zandalari Moonkin form, and the personality of Mylune.


Q4tQ: T’Paartos or Leeroy?

Q4tQ: The Naaru cleansing and Purifying Lordaeron/Undercity for the Alliance to occupy. Yes or No?

T’Paartos by far. Leeroy is a classic, but sometimes, you gotta look forward and develop new memes.

I’d prefer a joint Forsaken/Lightraised stronghold. Something where the top portion is more along the lines of a rebuilt and revamped Lordaeron but there’s still a remnant of the Undercity. That way, we have the two factions of Undead coming together, but their capital takes a bit from both. After all, I’m sure some Forsaken would still favor the old ways.


I logged in to an old character I currently have stashed away in his garrison. I noticed the walls of the garrison had this weird look to it. They were mostly dark grey but with some light spots on it. After moving to a different area, I realized that the dark areas were shade and the light spots were dappled sunlight peaking through the canopy of the trees.

Q4TQ; Has there been a time when the level of in-game detail took you by surprise?

I’d say the first two that came to mind were Vashj’ir and Suramar. Vashj’ir still blows me away every time I visit it. The amount of sea life and variety and vastness of the zone, coupled with the color scheme of vibrant ocean life feels both unique and incredible. Even though questing through it takes forever, I still mark it as one of my favorite zones in the game.

The latter (Suramar) is gorgeous across the board. The trees, the architecture, the design of everything is just… it’s so good.

And with that, I’m done! Have a great Thursday, y’all!

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