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The QueueDec 20, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: This thorn in my side is from the tree I’ve planted

So, I’ve switched Queue days with Elizabeth Harper, so this is our last Friday Queue. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking over Wednesday as of next week. So I won’t be leaving you all. I’m sure you are sad.

I’m playing a Dark Iron Dwarf Paladin and enjoying it so far. I’m terrible at it, but that’s besides the point.

Here’s the Queue. Let’s talk about the R. That’s a joke. Not a good one, but a joke.


Ok, I think I got my “first 4” toons ready for Shadowlands; these will be the 4 that do the full story questlines

Kauri – Vulpera DK – Leveling first, then Necrolords or Venthyr
Vaski – Human Hunter – Kyrians
Chrth – Dwarf Hunter – Venthyr or Necrolords
Korja – Wildhammer Monk – Night Fae

I have not thought about this at all, but it is an interesting thing to think about. I currently have my 120 Dark Iron Paladin, a 120 Human Warrior, a 120 Night Elf Warrior, a 120 Night Elf DK, a 111 Lightforged Warrior who I could have at 120 in like two AV’s if I wanted and a Night Elf Hunter past 100 who I could have ready to go in short order I suppose.

I don’t know which Covenants I’m interested in. The Pally will probably do the Kyrians, but aside from that? I really don’t know. I was planning on taking my Pally, my DK and one of my Warriors to 60 first once Shadowlands drops, so maybe I’ll figure it out as I go?

What do you all think?


Q4tQ: Do you think that upon their death, the dragon aspects end up in the Shadowlands before the Arbiter? Is there a chance we could bump into Malygos in the expansion? And if they are destined for the Shadowlands, does that mean when Elune raised Ysera into a constellation upon her death, it was basically denying Ardenweald of Anima?

I don’t see why they wouldn’t — they’re thinking beings, albeit ones who were affected by the power of the Titans. Since Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes are definitely descended from Titan creations (and one could argue Orcs are as well, as descendants of the Breakers from Draenor who were made by Aggramar) and it seems at least possible that other Azerothian races are also Titan descended in one way or another — all the art in the Temple of Elune/Tomb of Sargeras would certainly seem to point that way — then I don’t see why Dragons couldn’t end up in the Shadowlands.

I mean, Azuregos went there fairly often to date a Spirit Healer, so it feels like Dragons are at least aware of the place. I’d think Malygos and Neltharion might well be there.

As for Elune and Ysera, it’s hard to say, because we saw Ysera’s spirit in the Emerald Dream and that seems connected to Ardenweald in some fashion.


Since BfA Beta I’ve heard all the complaints about Azerite gear. I personally found it all boring, to the point where I just used whatever had the highest iLevel and went with the best traits on it.

Except Spirit of Thros. That thing would not stop aggro-ing everything in range, not just things you were fighting.

If you could introduce a way to make it work or work better, how would you do it? I’ve heard about how Destiny 2 let you feed higher power gear to gear you already have to make that more powerful, because it had abilities or stats you preferred, and I think something similar might have been a better band-aid for Azerite pieces.

I assume you’re asking how to make Azerite Gear work better, not how to make Spirit of Thros better. I’d just make Spirit of Thros not aggro things.

Honestly, I wish they’d chilled a little bit on the Azerite Armor. Like, once it starts have five special powers per piece it’s just getting crazy and overly complicated — imagine instead that each piece had three options but only one power per piece. They’d still be cool and interesting but there would be a lot less work to keep track of what they brought to the table.

I didn’t like the way Azerite worked in the game, but I feel like it could have worked, if it was just a little simpler.


As christmas is getting closer all I feel is anxiety :(

I really don’t feel like spending time with extended family right now, I just want to barricade myself with my PC and play WoW…

Holidays can be extremely stressful, for a variety of reasons. We don’t all have good relations, or even any relations, with our extended family (or even our immediate family) and we often feel pressured to take part in family gatherings when we feel very uncomfortable and out of place. I understand how painful that can be, and I just wanted to reassure you (and anyone else feeling that way for any reason at all) that it isn’t weird or unusual to feel that way.

I haven’t spoken to any of my blood relatives in years. It’s not even really their fault — we grew apart and it’s just much less painful for me to do exactly what you suggested you want to do than to interact with people I have so little in common with. Remember always to take care of yourself and make sure you don’t push yourself too hard to interact with family.


Genn Greymane has gone through a ton of appearance changes in WoW according to his ‘Pedia page. Which is your favorite or you feel the most appropriate for his character? Also should all Worgen get pointy ears in their Human forms like he has in HotS to further distinguish them from regular Humans?



Q4tQ: Do you lament the death of machinima? I know I do. The monetization of YouTube has left us with nothing but reviews and reactions.

I’m going to have to admit that I actually hadn’t noticed it — Machinima is something I used to watch quite a bit of but somewhere along the way my interest in it waned, perhaps when Blizzard started stepping up their in-game cinematics and allowing your character to appear in them. We’re almost to the point where we can make our own machinima just by playing WoW.

Still, there were some great ones over the years. And it looks like people are still experimenting and learning from the art form, which is very cool.

Okay, so that’s my last Friday Queue. I’ll see y’all next Wednesday and be sure to be nice to Liz.

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