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Overwatch 2Dec 24, 2019 3:00 pm CT

Roll the dice! Based on the result, tell us about the Overwatch hero you’ve created

Overwatch 2 is coming, though we don’t know exactly when. What we do know (or at least what we can surmise based on BlizzCon) is that Blizzard probably isn’t adding a new hero to the game until Overwatch 2 launches with Sojourn at the top of the heap. All of this means that for now, the international collection of adventurers, soldiers, and oddities we have for a cast is going to stay a bit more static than we’re used to.

So I thought “why not throw people a prompt for a new hero and see what shakes out?” But then my inner D&D roots started to show, and so here we go! Find a six-sided die (d6) and roll it three times. Alternatively, dice collectors can just roll 3d6 and choose which result goes in which table. (Ed’s note: you could also use an online dice roller if you don’t have any shiny math rocks handy.)

Result 1

  • On a 1, your hero is from South America.
  • On a 2, your hero is from Southeast Asia (i.e. Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines).
  • On a 3, your hero is from the Balkans (i.e. Albania, Serbia, Greece).
  • On a 4, your hero is from Upper Mongolia.
  • On a 5, your hero is from a hitherto unheard-of city-state established someplace people don’t normally live.
  • On a 6, your hero was born on an orbital space station and may or may not be a xenomorph.

Result 2

  • On a 1, your hero wields a melee weapon from your favorite fandom (i.e. lightsaber, gunblade, bullwhip).
  • On a 2, your hero has a prosthetic limb (i.e. arm, leg, hand).
  • On a 3, your hero gained powers in a science experiment gone wrong (or horrifically right, your choice).
  • On a 4, your hero was born with (or constructed with) unnatural abilities.
  • On a 5, your hero is literally just a person with a cool gun.
  • On a 6, pick your favorite physical athletic sport! Your hero’s powers are an offensive version of that sport. (i.e. Baseball? Bat for a melee weapon, hit a ball to stun an enemy that’s far away!)

Result 3

  • On a 1, your hero is a mercenary who will work for the highest bidder.
  • On a 2, your hero is a former soldier questioning their loyalty to the force that created/fostered them.
  • On a 3, your hero is a wandering adventurer, using their powers to help others with no expectation of reward.
  • On a 4, your hero is an outcast on the fringes of society, only fighting to survive.
  • On a 5, your hero is a champion of their people, fighting to secure them a place in a chaotic world.
  • On a 6, your hero just wants to watch the world burn.

Tell us about your results in the comments. Don’t worry about unpacking abilities or balancing things or anything like that: just tell us about who this hero is and what sets them apart from your average person. Also: be nice to your fellow commenters!

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