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Crow Tomkus

Crow Tomkus @unlimitedBLACK — Ill news is an ill guest, but Crow appeared nonetheless at the doors of Blizzard Watch to offer his services. A writer and gamer by trade, he spends a lot of words providing historical context and telling the whole story. Born and raised in the deserts of Arizona, he took his family west to Los Angeles to seek their fortunes, and from there watches the storms' rage.

Diablo Immortal showed off some minor updates at BlizzCon, but still doesn’t have a release date

One title conspicuously absent from this year's opening ceremonies, and indeed from the entire BlizzCon schedule, was Diablo Immortal. Announced as the key new product at BlizzCon 2018, the mobile title attracted a broadly negative reaction from a community that had been first told to get hype but then promptly to rein it in.

Deathwing is coming to Heroes of the Storm, this is not a drill

After a tumultuous year that's seen Heroes of the Storm lose its official support as an esport, key personnel departures, and a noticeable slowdown in hero additions, the Heroes team has apparently decided to break the glass that says "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, UNLEASH HELL." Deathwing has long been requested -- if not outright predicted -- as a hero to add to the game, as he is one of World of Warcraft's key franchise villains.

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