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The QueueJan 2, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: It’s almost AGDQ time

It’s a few days early, but I’d rather be early reminding y’all than late: Awesome Games Done Quick starts this Sunday. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a week-long charity event where speedrunners, well, speedrun! Last year’s AGDQ raised $2.4 million, and the summer equivalent raised $3 million. If you’ve never watched it, I highly suggest tuning in at least once during the event, especially if they’re playing a game/series you really enjoy. And even if not, tuning in for the final day is always infectiously wholesome.

So yeah, watch AGDQ this coming week. It’s a real good time. But before that…

It’s Queue time, baby!


Q4tQ: Do you enjoy it when Korrak’s Revenge turns into a seesaw battle, or would you prefer someone to win so you can queue up for the next one?

I mentioned in the comments, but I haven’t actually done any of the Anniversary event stuff yet. That said, if it’s anything like Classic AV, the seesaw games are frustrating, because you know what they COULD be, but they’re not, and the time being spent in there isn’t worth it compared to the ideal. It’s weird, though — what I loved about old AV were how games could last for days. But now that most games are less than 20 minutes, having those longer games feels like I’m missing out. If ALL games were still long, I might not mind.

In other words, the existence of the ideal makes the otherwise tolerable (or even enjoyable) less fun, which is kind of odd. Maybe I just shouldn’t think about it.


Q4tQ: What even is time?
Q4tQ: Why do you love spooky macabre stuff?
Q4tQ: Did you have a good NYE?

Time is a tool you can put on the wall or wear it on your wrist. Time is also a ruler to measure the day — it doesn’t go backwards, only one way. It helps us make pizza, it keeps things in line. TL;DR: Time is important and I am a clock.

Why? I guess I’ve never really stopped to think about it. I know I like scary stuff because I like being scared. There’s something fun about adrenaline pumping from anticipation of a scare you know isn’t actually real. And if you watch scary stuff with someone else, it can sometimes go from being terrified to laughing at how scared you got. (Or a good excuse to hold someone’s hand.)

But just generally spooky, macabre stuff that isn’t necessarily edge-of-your-seat scary? I guess at least partially because it reminds me of fall, when the leaves are all pretty, the air is crisp but not cold, and the idea of a thinner veil between life and death is fun to think about. I don’t know. I just really like that stuff. It’s my aesthetic, and I’d live in a perpetual autumn (or Halloween night) if I could.

I did have a good NYE! I didn’t go crazy or anything, but I spent it with my girlfriend and a group of friends, which was a nice distraction from my usual thinking about how little I’ve accomplished in the past year and drinking in front of my computer. Which, don’t get me wrong, I don’t need NYE to do that — but the fact that I didn’t do it this year was notable. And a bit odd. I don’t usually do anything on NYE.


Q4tMitch: Do you prefer being the campy Mitch in Queue stories, or the modern, somewhat humanized Mitch in modern Queue stories.
The Villainous Mitch shaking a tentacle at Liz screaming “NEXT TIME LIZ! NEXT TIME!” or the Mitch who kidnapped a therapist and locked them in a room with him; as a means of forcefully confronting his alcoholism in the arc “A Mitch chooses, a slave obeys”?

Well, I don’t condone kidnapping, and if you ignore the last question and much of my social media presence, I’m not sure why you’d connect me to alcohol in such a negative way. I’m torn between the first two, to be honest. Mostly, I just want people to enjoy what I do, share/bask in my schnitposts, make memes in my honor, and occasionally chill with me like I’m a human.


QftQ: Is there a core system in WoW ( aside from the obvious like Azerite gear) that you wish blizzard would change or adapt from another game?

For me it is DPS meters. I truly wish that playing a class had nothing to do with the perfect rotation or split second cooldown usage. Bosses can still have a damage check without requiring meters. Failure to kill just means your team needs to keep gearing. Even as a mythic raider the most fun I’ve had in MMOs outside WoW has been in MMOs that didn’t allow DPS meters and it relieved a pressure I didn’t consciously know I was feeling. Running dungeons and killing bosses was just as fun, possibly moreso, when I wasnt competing against myself or my friends to top a meter.

I really wish WoW would embrace FFXIV’s more varied (and absurd) transmog/outfit rules. I get why dye doesn’t quite work with WoW, but I’m sure if Blizz were committed to it, they could make it work moving forward. But more than the dye, I just WoW were more varied in its looks and more okay with ridiculous transmogs. Blizz has gotten more lenient, but not nearly as much as FFXIV. That game has both a greater variety and a more fun approach to its looks.

Alternatively, I would enjoy unlocking emotes the way you can in that game. They have a whole heck of a lot more than WoW, and they turn it into an unlockable.

Also the Gpose system. Man, FFXIV has a lot of good stuff.


How do you think Baine would feel if he actually heard you say “Not a Cairne in the world, eh?”

Not happy, that’s for sure. He’d probably step on me and then [REDACTED] at which point [REDACTED] and then, with a wink and a grin, I’d [REDACTED] until finally [REDACTED] [REDACTED] daddy [REDACTED].


2BE: On a flight from LA to Sydney, would you rather
A: The movie on every display is Goodburger.
B: Your seatmate is Illidan.

I’d rather the movie thing. I can put in headphones, close my eyes, and ignore the screen, but if Illidan is talking an articulating next to me, it’s much harder to ignore. Honestly, whatever I can do to make my flight as “nobody bother me” as possible, then better.


Where would you rather go on a quest to save the world, Mordor or Icecrown?

I’m not a huge LOTR person, to be honest. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the full trilogy all the way through, and Tolkien’s writing meanders about quite a bit. Not that I dislike either the books or movies — I’m just not crazy about them the way some folks are.

So Icecrown gets my vote.

That’s today’s Queue! Leave lots of questions for Liz, please.

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