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Discussion > WoWMar 13, 2020 8:00 am CT

If you could design a new Azerite Essence what would it do?

Azerite Essences are probably my favorite part of the Heart of Azeroth. They can fill gaps in your characters toolkit, mow down huge packs of enemies with shiny laser beams, or save you from death — plus, they’re soon to be account wide! As a Guardian Druid, I know that I have no magic resistance, so I  usually make sure to have Null Barrier at least as a Minor Essence to help my healers out — and prevent em-bear-assing deaths. There are certainly more interesting abilities that could be added though. So let’s get tinkering with some Azerite!

The best Essences are definitely influenced by the flagship abilities of other classes. The Essence of the Focusing Iris is pretty much just Eye Beam on steroids. After all, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What I would love to add to my kit as a tank is something similar to the Brewmasters Ox Statue. I’d love a giant Azerite shard that I could place and have it ready to taunt enemies to it. Or have it do some pulses that generate some tank threat so I could stay where I am and have the new stuff come to me.

That’d be amazing for fights that have lots of enemies that trickle in over the course of it. Nobody wants to move when they’ve just gotten the boss in the perfect position after all. Plus think of how useful that would be during Skittish weeks in Mythic Keystones! You’d never lose threat to that pesky Demon Hunter who just used all of their abilities the nanosecond after you grabbed a new pack of baddies.

How about something that works like Balance Druids Force of Nature talent? I’m sure there are plenty of Mages and Priests out there who’d like something to keep the giant Faceless Minion of N’zoth far away from their soft squishy innards. There are a few times that I’d even love that as a tank. Getting a few seconds of breathing room could mean the difference between an alive bear and a dead bear.

The sky’s the limit! What would you like to see from an expanded Essence system? I haven’t played a healer all expansion, so I don’t know any weaknesses in their set up, what could they use? Sound off below!

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