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WoWMar 20, 2020 2:01 pm CT

Trial of Style returns with free transmog plus some familiar looks to collect

Okay, so I love the Trial of Style for a variety of reasons, primarily among them the fact that from now until it ends on March 24 transmog and barber shops cost no gold. I don’t use the barber all that much, but I switch my mogs on the regular, so even without the actual Trial of Style competition itself I’d love this holiday to pieces. But the competition exists, and it’s your chance to get up in front of five complete strangers and show off your best, your weirdest, or your most aggressively bad transmogs. Seriously, I won a ToS once with a transmog built around as many big helmets as I could find in my collection.

In terms of what’s new this time around, I’d have to say not much — all the sets from previous ToS seasons are available to collect, but there aren’t any new sets right now. The Season 4 sets are still pretty new (from 2019) so if you missed them, or indeed any of the sets, you can go back and pick them up.

In terms of the Trial itself, it’s still pretty much the same. To take part, you queue up at your local transmog vendor at Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Everyone gets robes put over their armor for when they’re not up on stage, to keep people from swiping your looks. At least that’s what I assume it’s for. The contest is a six player scenario where two players get up on stage at a time to show off their looks, and the remaining players vote on which of the two has the better mog for the theme that they were presented with. You’re not just thrown up there immediately — you have a window of time to put your look together before you have to be ready to rumble, so to speak.

Note: there is no actual rumbling in the Trial of Style.

It is, in my opinion, a fun way to pass the time, show off your weird farmer transmog everyone says has no reason to exist, and maybe win the coveted First Place prize, which contains a whopping 50 Trial of Style tokens. Since one of the coveted ensembles costs 60 tokens, winning First Place once puts you most of the way there, while Second Place (35 tokens) means you’ll need to get it at least twice and Third Place (25 tokens) will take you three wins. The Consolation Prize is between 11 and 18 tokens, so at least it still contributes towards getting an ensemble, even if not much. Plus, once you have all of the ensemble looks you want, you can spend tokens on fun cosmetic props during the competition.

The event runs from March 20 (that’s today!) to March 24. So if you’re the type who likes to strut their stuff, head on in and get your runway glide on. And if you just like transmog? It’s free for four days, so it’s time to switch looks every single time you can mount up.

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