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WoWMay 20, 2020 2:00 pm CT

Blizzard updates targeted Corruption to work for previously cleansed items, and now, not just new ones

It can be a little hard to keep up with changes to the targeted Corruption system Blizzard added this week, but this particular change is definitely worth being aware of — previously, it was impossible for the system to allow you to cleanse a previously Corrupted item and then add the Preserved Contaminant of your choice back to that item. Now, CM Kaivax has posted that it has become possible for you do exactly that. You can now cleanse an item, and then add the Corruption effect of your choice back to that cleansed item — but only on items cleansed after the system has done live.

However, a recently announced hotfix will address even that flaw in the system — according to CM Kaivax, we’ll be able to put the Corruption effect on any item, even one cleaned before Tuesday’s maintenance, with the Preserved Contaminants from MOTHER.

In other words, if you have a Corrupted item that you don’t want, and a Corruption you do want which would go perfectly on that item, go ahead and cleanse that item. And if you already cleansed it last week, then it still can’t have the new Corruption effect placed on the item until the hotfix goes live. But once we get that hotfix? Corrupt away on every piece.

Originally Posted by Kaivax (Official Post)

We’ve made some progress on this subject today.

As of this morning, if you get a new Corrupted item and cleanse it, you can re-corrupt it using a Preserved Contaminant from the new system.

Unfortunately, items cleansed prior to maintenance this week remain unwilling to be re-Corrupted.

We’re also working on a hotfix that will add clarity to this, by highlighting Corruptable items in your bags when you activate a Preserved Contaminant. This should be very similar to how scrappable items light up when you use the scrapper.

We’ll let you know when that comes through in our Hotfixes Update post.

The phrasing — that items remain unwilling to be re-Corrupted — strikes me as a trifle intent, but either way, this system has been a roller coaster to follow. First we were told this is coming in the future and then oh, and by the future, we meant tomorrow, here it is and then we were told MOTHER will get the items to sell in the future and of course that became SURPRISE! By the future, we meant right now and now, the thing we were told they were working on is already half way to being resolved.

I’m not complaining. I’m just wondering if they’ll have the restriction on pieces that were cleansed before the system got updated lifted by the time I finish typing this sentence. Well, maybe it took longer than a sentence, but they did ultimately get it hotfixed within a couple of days. They’re working very fast over at Blizzard on this issue and I haven’t even gotten around to farming up my Echoes of Ny’alotha on all my characters yet.

I definitely think the coming hotfix that will make Corruptable items light up in our inventory when we use the Preserved Contaminant is a pretty solid change and I hope it gets implemented soon. Heck, maybe it already has? I mean, I haven’t heard that it has, but at this point I’m almost willing to suspect Blizzard of going back in time and implementing it yesterday. You never know when Chromie’s on the payroll.

So yes, have fun un-Corrupting and re-Corrupting your items, gang — and you can do it even to items cleansed before the weekly maintenance now.

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