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WoWMay 22, 2020 1:00 pm CT

We may get to transmog each shoulder piece separately in Shadowlands

I made an incoherent Murloc noise when I read the folks at Wowhead had found a global string that would mean we could choose a separate transmog option for each shoulder when Shadowlands goes live. Now, this isn’t a definitive thing yet — it’s datamined, and it hasn’t been tested yet — but oh my Arbiter if it’s true, the freedom it will finally provide for my Lightforged as he goes into Shadowlands as my main.

Right now, I have a specific transmog I use when I want to go with the one-shoulder look, and I’m really excited at not just the potential to do that with a lot more of my transmogs, but to also do deliberate shoulder armor mismatches. Maybe go with similar looks that have different color palettes like the Xoroth set from Legion, or go with the same color scheme but different models — there are several original and TBC armor pieces I can think of with the same black and red color, but different models so I could go for the lopsided look. And that’s just on first pass — I’m sure you could do all sorts of weird stuff with this feature and I’m totally here for it, like maybe finding completely different shoulder pieces from different expansions that have a complementary theme or go with specific pieces. Match your left shoulder to your belt and your right shoulder to your cloak!

I realize I’m unusual in getting this excited about transmog, but I’ve wanted the ability to mog my shoulders independently since the new system was introduced — as it stands, having to wear pieces from one or two sets because those are the only sets that go with that one shoulder I have that transmogs to plate has been a bit of a bummer, and I’m really glad we’re going to finally get the option to transmog each shoulder independently. Whether folks turn one off or mog each differently, it’ll open up a lot more player choice in transmog at a time when we’re getting updated character customization on our models. I’m so happy right now. Please let this happen and not just be something datamined that never actually goes live.

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