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WoWJun 16, 2020 10:00 am CT

How to do the Orgrimmar Horrific Vision

Orgrimmar is widely considered to be the easier of the two cities for Horrific Visions, so if you’re just getting started or you’re still gearing up, this is a good week to get it done. All that stands between you and a cloak upgrade is a metropolis full of Eldritch horrors, potions you can’t trust, and monsters that have somehow crammed themselves into mailboxes. Somehow, they never seem to be the monster you want.

Entering the Orgrimmar Horrific Vision

You enter at the threshold of the Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar’s central district. This zone has relatively easy enemies and low sanity drain. However, at low cloak levels and before points in the Titanic Research tree (particularly before Orb Operation Manual and Emergency Cranial Defibrillation), your margin for error is low. If you’re gearing up and want to ensure a successful cloak upgrade, head straight to Thrall, who’s in the building at the center. You’ll have to deal with minimal trash and the two guards outside the building, but that’s it; you should have plenty of time to kill Thrall and ensure a successful upgrade between cloak levels 1-6. Stealth classes can ignore all trash barring the guards at the door.

With better gear, more research, a higher cloak level, or some combination of the three, you’ve got more time to explore and familiarize yourself with some Vision mechanics. One thing that will pay dividends in the future is to get used to checking the hut next to the Blacksmith’s shop. There will be a corpse there with a potion next to it. Take note of the potion’s color; it always corresponds to the color of potion that will drain your sanity and that you’ll want to avoid elsewhere in the Vision. We’ll talk more about the potions later.

Check the mailbox that will be ahead and off to your right outside the Auction House. Clicking this will always spawn an enemy, and sometimes you’ll get the Mail Muncher, which has a 100% chance to drop the Mail Muncher mount. The mob isn’t too tough to fight — it only has around 300K HP — so it’s worth your time unless you’re going straight to Thrall.

If you’re playing a tank class or are otherwise well-geared, there are lots of places in the Valley of Strength to line-of-sight mobs and force all those pesky casters into an area you can AOE. I’ve found the Blacksmith shop to be among the most useful; just run counter-clockwise around the Valley, collect mobs, tuck yourself into the shop, and then blow everything up once it’s conveniently collected.

Corrupted Areas: The Drag and the Valley of Spirits

With better gear and advancing cloak levels, it’s time to venture further afield. Corrupted Areas will drain your sanity by 8 per second and are best left alone until you’ve got a better cloak and/or points in Titanic Research.

The Drag is the most immediately accessible Corrupted Area. Your first responsibility is to defeat Annihilator Lak’hal, a big Faceless mob you’ll find toward the beginning of the Drag fighting Garona. Lak’hal isn’t too difficult, but does have two abilities to watch out for: Dark Force will push you away from him (you can run back against it to stay in range if you’re melee) and Orb of Annihilation should be avoided as much as possible as it will drain sanity if it hits you. It’s a big purple circle on the ground and telegraphed well in advance.

Once you’ve rescued Garona, it’s time to rescue civilians. You’ll run down the Drag alternating between fighting mob packs and clicking on boarded-up buildings to see if anyone’s still alive. Again, if you’re a tank or have significant AOE capabilities, it may be more efficient for you to run around collecting the mobs and then line-of-sighting behind a shop to mow them all down at once. With the mobs dead, there are five places to check: the traveling goods shop, the cloth goods shop, the orphanage, Nogg’s machine shop, and the leatherworker’s shop. At each building, click the barricade. The second you reach will spawn a mob to fight.

Once all the survivors are out, it’s time to fight Inquisitor Gnshal, who will be found at the end of the Drag just past the pond. He doesn’t have much health but does have two mechanics you’ll have to worry about: Cry of the Void will shield him at 65% and 30% health (just DPS through it), and Void Torrent will stun you, lift you in the air, and cost you sanity if it hits. Void Torrent is irritating because it follows you around and can be difficult to avoid if you’re not rocking much (if anything) in the way of additional run speed or mobility skills. Running around Gnshal as the cast starts should help, but in practice I’ve found it very frustrating.

Once he’s dead, you’ve officially completed the objectives and will be rewarded with an additional chest at the end of the run. If this is the only Corrupted Area you are doing, there’s a totem up the hill to your right that you can click that will take you back to the Valley of Strength — you don’t have to ride all the way back! The mailbox for this zone is located outside the entrance to the Valley of Honor (a Lost area) and is easily accessible once you’ve finished fighting Gnshal.

The Valley of Spirits is the other Corrupted Area, and your first responsibility is to help Zekhan defeat the non-elites he’s fighting. Once you’ve freed him, you gain access to the Valley by defeating the elite Decimator Shiq’voth. Shiq’voth has a charge you can avoid (just side-step it) and an ability called Decimator. This is a bolt of void energy he shoots back and then pulls back in; make sure you don’t get hit by it as it will cost a whopping 120 sanity.

With Shiq’voth down, follow Zekhan into the Valley. You’ll have to rescue four shaman from corrupted totems and mobs. The first will be located immediately on the path in front of you; the subsequent three will be located on/off the path on your left. It’s a little tougher to do mass pulls in the Valley of Spirits as the mobs’ Mental Assault casts tend to hurt, and it also means a lot of back-tracking to click totems, so I’ve found it more efficient to do each pack of mobs totem by totem. Do whatever works best for you!

Once you’ve rescued all four shaman, it’s time to fight the Oblivion Elemental. I suggest you skip the two trash mobs in front of him by hugging the side of the Orgrimmar embassy. At 80% and 40% he will cast Hopelessness, which forces you to get a shiny orb to continue attacking him. You don’t have to stay in the location the orb spawns; just run over to pick it up, and this eliminate the silence effect of Hopelessness. His other ability is a series of purple waves that will move toward him from all directions; avoid these as much as possible as they will stun you and drain sanity.

With the Oblivion Elemental dead, you’ve completed all the objectives in the Valley of Spirits, so it’s time to head elsewhere. Fortunately, if you’re still after the Mail Muncher mount, the mailbox for the Valley of Spirits is located outside the Embassy, so it’s very convenient once you’ve killed the Elemental.

Lost Areas: The Valley of Honor and Valley of Wisdom

These are the toughest areas that Orgrimmar can offer, and accordingly should be avoided until after you’ve leveled your cloak and Titanic Research a little. You will want to have the Elite Extermination upgrade if at all possible, and I’ve written this guide assuming that you do. Because a certain amount of sanity loss on the bosses here is completely unavoidable, you do not want to pull either unless you have a comfortable sanity margin (and/or the failsafe Emergency Cranial Defibrillation available). This margin will depend on your DPS and how well you handle the mechanics, so there’s no hard-and-fast rule, but going in with at least half your sanity is advisable (unless you’re depending the failsafe).

The Valley of Honor is probably the more dangerous of the two areas overall. Your first hurdle is Misha, whose two abilities are Desperate Retching and Maddening Roar. Desperate Retching will apply a disease to you that will periodically leave green goop pools; stay out of these (and dispel the disease if you can). Maddening Roar is a purple circle around Misha that will damage and drain 120 sanity from anyone within it, so stay out.

There’s an abundance of trash in the Valley of Honor, and this will slow you down. However, save your big cooldowns for Rexxar. Keep pulling and killing until you reach the next elite, the Aqir Mindhunter (who will be on the hill to the right of the Auction House). Its mechanics are similar to the trash that preceded it; stay out of its frontal cone and away from green stuff on the ground.

With the Mindhunter down, continue up the hill. You’ll have one more trash pack, and then Rexxar’s waiting for you in the hunter’s hall. This is a very movement-heavy fight with a lot of area-denial tools. He’ll cast a bunch of purple circles on the ground; stay out of these to avoid a stun and 120 sanity loss. Being Rexxar, he’s also accompanied by animal companions — namely, four boars that will periodically charge you and cast Void Quills (which can be interrupted). At 40% health, the movement requirement ratchets even further, as Rexxar will cast Stampeding Corruption. This sends a wave of small void minions across the hall; keep dodging them to avoid damage and sanity loss.

The mailbox for the Valley of Honor is located outside the Auction House (to the left of the hill on which you’ll find the Mindhunter), so pick that up on your way.

On your way to the Valley of Wisdom, look for any chests near the Barber Shop, which have a chance to drop Coifcurl’s Close Shave Kit.


The Valley of Wisdom (more colloquially known as “Tauren Town”) is fairly straightforward: You kill trash until the end boss, Vez’okk the Lightless, spawns. The Faceless and tentacle mobs here are fairly easy; just be sure to avoid Dark Smash (purple circles on the ground) and other ground effects.

The two elites present will each give 25% progress toward spawning the boss and are worth doing for both that and extra sanity. Down the hill to your right and across the bridge is the Coagulated Horror. It has both a frontal cone and a ground effect that should be avoided if at all possible; if it’s red, stay out of it. The Voidcrazed Hulk is up the hill to your left in the area with the inn. It will toss you away from him and then attempt to jump on you with Explosive Leap. The sanity loss from the initial hit is unavoidable, but make sure you’re not in his way (telegraphed by a brown swirl on the ground) when he lands. His second ability is Howling in Pain and will interrupt all casts for four seconds. After doing both elites and the trash on the way to them, you should hit 100% easily. If you’re still looking for the Mail Muncher, you’ll want to kill the Hulk because the Valley of Wisdom mailbox is located outside the inn.

Vez’okk will spawn on the path in which you zoned in and has three abilities of note. The first is a frontal cone, which you can side-step. At 80%, 50%, and 30% health, he will cast Unleash Corruption, which drains 60 sanity and spawns adds on the player. His third ability is Ring of Chaos, which spawns a series of black circles around him which will then move outwards. Getting hit will drain 60 sanity and stun you. When he spawns the Ring, run a little away from him and position yourself between the orbs. It’s best to fight Vez’okk in one of the more open areas in the Valley of Wisdom to give yourself adequate space to handle these mechanics, i.e., don’t fight him on the bridge or on the hill if possible as you’ll box yourself in. Once Vez’okk is dead, the totem to return to the Valley of Strength is on the hill leading to the area with the inn/Auction House.

Final Boss: Thrall

In his simplest form (i.e., the version of him you’ll encounter if you run straight to him), Thrall is a very straightforward encounter: Side-step his frontal cone, and stay out of dark stuff on the ground. However, as with Alleria, he’ll gain 10% additional health and abilities for each area you’ve cleared in the Vision:

  • If you’ve cleared The Drag, he will gain Cries of the Void, the shielding ability from Inquisitor Gnshad. DPS through it.
  • If you’ve cleared the Valley of Spirits, he will gain Hopelessness, the shiny orb ability from the Oblivion Elemental. You will be silenced until you run through the orb.
  • If you’ve cleared the Valley of Honor, he will gain two Void Boars, Rexxar’s adds. Prioritize damage on them (they should die quickly) and interrupt Void Quills whenever possible.
  • If you’ve cleared the Valley of Wisdom, he will lose his ordinary frontal cone and gain Defiled Ground, the frontal cone cast by Vez’okk. Side-step it and try to make sure you’re always aiming it toward the outside of the room, as it seems to be permanent. At the very least, don’t box yourself into a bad spot.

While this sounds complicated, Thrall is still easier than Alleria overall, particularly if you’re melee.

Orgrimmar Horrific Visions Rewards and Secrets

We’ve mentioned the location of all the mailboxes if you’re still on the hunt for the Mail Muncher, but there are a few additional goodies you may find at the end of the run. If you complete the Valley of Spirits, Zekhan’s chest has a chance to drop both the Void-Scarred Toad and the Void-Touched Souvenir Totem. If you complete the Valley of Honor, Rexxar’s chest has a chance to drop C’Thuffer. Thrall’s chest has a chance to drop the Void-Scarred Pup.

When you see them, potions are generally worth your time to stop and drink. There are five potions that you’ll find scattered all around Orgrimmar:

So most of these sound great, but there’s a catch: They’re all associated with a different color potion, and the color changes each run. The only way to know for sure which one is the bad potion is to investigate the dead body in the hut next to the Blacksmith’s shop in the Valley of Strength. The color of potion located next to this corpse should be avoided, but all the rest are safe.

And as always, don’t forget to loot any chests you see for Corrupted Mementos!

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