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Patch 8.3

There’s going to be a change to how eyes glow in patch 8.3

If you play a Death Knight,  a Blood Elf or a Night Elf in World of Warcraft (and seemingly not a Void Elf or a Nightborne) then you're going to notice a few changes in patch 8.3, specifically to your eyes.  As part of the incoming Shadowlands changes that will be made to character customization options for all characters, Blizzard is going to test out some changes to the way that certain eyes glow, and the certain ones in question appear to be DKs, Blood and Night Elves.

In patch 8.3 Formless Void Essence lets you copy Essences from other players

It's a tradition in World of Warcraft going all the way back to Cataclysm and the Dragon Soul raid that the last raid -- especially if it has any sort of Old God theme like Dragon Soul or Siege of Orgrimmar did -- will have weird items with unusual procs and powers that fit the theme of chaos, madness, and corruption of those selfsame Old Gods.

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