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Discussion > WoWJun 22, 2020 8:00 am CT

What should the fallout from Battle for Azeroth’s story be?

I keep thinking about the Forsaken following Battle for Azeroth. While one can’t say they’re going to live anywhere, it does seem that they’ve lost a lot of the places they held before the expansion — Stromgarde is firmly in Alliance hands following their victory in Arathi, most of Tirisfal Glades is uninhabitable even by the Undead, and a great many of them fled to Orgrimmar from whence they took part in, and lost, the Battle of Darkshore. With that battle lost, the Night Elves appear to have reclaimed much of their former territory, but the Forsaken seem to be stranded as refugees on Kalimdor without the ability to go back to their former homes in the Undercity.

There are places they could well have settled — Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands, for example, and various towns in Silverpine, plus Tarren Mill and perhaps even the Ruins of Alterac. With the Alliance victorious in Stromgarde, though, they’re likely going to try and at least push into Gilneas at some point, meaning the Forsaken might be in for a fight to hold on to those territories they held. What happens to the Forsaken in a post-Sylvanas world, one where they might well have to claw and scratch to keep their homes? Where do they go?

And that’s just one repercussion from the events of this expansion. With Shadowlands dealing with another plane of existence, a literally land of the dead, what happens to all the loose threads left behind on Azeroth? Where do the Night Elves go next? What about the new Horde council, how does it lead a people who’ve been led by Warchief after Warchief since the days of the original Warcraft RTS games? Can Anduin keep the Alliance unified when several of its leaders disagree with his decisions? What about all these Allied Races, what voices will they have in the factions they joined?

What do you all think? What’s the most fascinating or important fallout from this whole expansion?

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