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Soldier 76 is NOT going to be in Fallout 76, you’ll just need to pretend

Look, I'd love to tell you that Fallout 76 was an Overwatch crossover where Soldier 76 shows up in a Vault and saves the Wasteland, but it's not happening. We're not going to see Omnics fighting Super Mutants, or find out that the Institute were behind the Omnic crisis, and we're certainly not going to see Talon agents battling Brotherhood of Steel forces. God, the fanfic writes itself.

The Queue: I need a new Diablo expansion

Maybe I’m just weird, but I’m very very very serious about wanting another Diablo 3 expansion. I want some of the things left unresolved resolved, Blizzard!

Did Leah’s soul end up trapped in the Burning Hells? If so, when do we get to go save her? What happened to her was the kind of injustice heroes are supposed to do something about, and after both her grandfather and father got screwed over by Diablo, it’s about time someone in that family caught a break.

Anyway, this is The Queue. I want a new expansion, or even news about Diablo 4. Don’t let this franchise wait another 9 years or so like you did between Diablo 2 and 3.


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