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The QueueAug 10, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Doomed

I’ve just spent the weekend playing Doom Eternal. There’s no feeling quite like the feeling of waging a one-man war against hordes of demonic invaders. I think the sequel is taking itself a little more seriously than Doom(2016) did. There’s definitely more story than there was before, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I kind of miss the Doomguy who just punched everything he interacted with. It’s still a bunch of fun though! I’ve been enjoying it so much that it’s now three in the morning and I should’ve written the Queue hours ago!

So without further adieu. It’s time for — r̶i̶p̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶e̶a̶r̶  The Queue.


Q4TQ: Which covenant do you think Illidan was sent to after his defeat at the Black Temple? Will we find out in Shadowlands? My guess is Necrolords, but I’m curious what you all think?

I don’t think Illidan ever got to go to the Shadowlands. He was part Demon when he died at Black Temple, and Demon souls in Warcraft get a one-way ticket straight to the Twisting Nether. As long as they weren’t killed in the Twisting Nether. Where they’d wait until they could manifest again. Well, they used to, I think when we went and defeated Sargeras we threw a wrench in that whole resurrection process.

If Illidan did wind up in one of the Covenants I think it would’ve been the Venthyr — it’s a tough call though. He was ruthless, uncompromising, and a pretty great military leader which are hallmarks of the Necrolords. But he was also prideful and did a bunch of pretty bad things that he might feel like he needed to atone for so the Venthyr is a good fit for him. But I think that the Venthyr nature of finding that bit of redemption in the souls in their care fits more with Illidan. What is atonement if not choosing to stand as Sargeras’ eternal jailor?


Q4tQ: Should WoW have a Musical Personal Playback Player (or MP3) system ingame for characters to listen to other ingame locations on the move, like the Jukebox in the Warlords Garrison? 

Are you telling me that you’ve gotten tired of listening to Meerah’s Jukebox, Sylvanas’ Jukebox, and the Proudmoore Music box? Sure Lament of the Highborn might get a little old after the thousandth listen — but I refuse to believe that anyone could ever get tired of hearing about Dolly and Dot! I simply won’t hear it.

There is a Portable Audiophone that’s rewarded for the achievement Azeroth’s Top Twenty Tunes. But the comments are saying that it only plays a prechosen selection of themes. Which sounds like kind of a bummer after the trouble of getting twenty music rolls. If you really want to hear music from other zones you’ll have to go to find other sources.


Q4tQ: what variant Hearthstones would you like to see added to the game? 

I’d love to see class-specific Hearthstones.

  • Rogues would glance around all sneaky-like and then drop a smoke bomb at their feet.
  • Demon Hunters would use their glaives to slice a tear in reality.
  • Mages would open an extra frosty/firey/arcane looking portal.
  • Druids would turn themselves into a tree before vanishing in a burst of leaves.
  • Death Knights would raise a Death Gate made out of bones from the ground.
  • Monks would do a short martial art routine that ends with them backflipping into a portal.
  • Warlocks would set up their summoning portal, but would just walk through it themselves.
  • Shaman would meld into the earth, with additional elemental effects based on their spec.
  • Paladins would probably do the regular hearth animation, but a bubble would form around them as it finished.
  • Priests would make an intricate holy symbol on the ground. Unless they were Shadow, then it would be a shadowy sigil.
  • Warriors would yell a bunch and then leap straight up into a portal.
  • Hunters would set up a dummy version of themselves before disappearing.


I think I asked this too late yesterday for anyone to notice (or maybe it’s just a bad question I don’t know) but I am seriously wondering and I hope someone can help me out :) 

Q4tQ: Anyone with beta access know if there’s a feat of strength or something to show what level your character was pre-squish? Or at least to say whether it was 120 or not? 

Well as of the current build I still have my level 120 achievement. Still in the same place as it is on the Battle for Azeroth servers and everything! Which feels like it might be an oversight. It’s possible they’ll move the old leveling achievements into the legacy tab, but that starts to get a little wonky with each new expansion.

More likely they’ll just wipe our progress and we’ll re-earn each level as the expansions reach that high. If they do let us keep them they’d probably add a little “before Shadowlands“. Which is what they’ve done with the old Legion achievements for getting to a certain gear level.


Anyone know of a good Heroes of the Storm streamer that mains as a tank? 

I know a bunch of Heroes streamers, but finding one that mains tank is a little tougher. I think there are only a couple on my list who do mostly tank games. You’ve got Fury. He used to play in the HGC for Gale Force Esports and LFM, and he just started streaming again. RussDt also plays a mean tank, and used to be in the HGC.  Jhow will do tank games sometimes, but he’s a pretty jack of all trades player, so you’ll get a bit of everything in his matches.


Q4tQ: Would you play a WoW single-player console style game, IF it let you import your character from regular WoW? Would you play it even if you had to start over? 

That’d be a giant game, with 36 different possible characters to accommodate everyone copying theirs into it. I don’t know that I necessarily need my character to be brought over. What happens when they can do something cool in the new game that they can’t do in the MMO? I’d be so bummed out!

I’d be interested in playing something that was built from the ground up to be a single-player experience, but I don’t know that importing my character what I’m looking for. I was about to suggest they do something like The Witcher, but that’s basically just a single-player World of Warcraft already. Maybe if they did a farm simulator game like Stardew Valley? That way it’d be different enough from what we do already in Warcraft, while still being something that they could tie to Azeroth easily enough.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: The Number of the Beast

Back to demon-slaying for me! Have a good week everybody, and leave lots of questions for Anna!

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