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Discussion > WoWAug 13, 2020 8:00 am CT

What’s left for Hunters to tame in WoW? What’s missing from your “must have” list?

There are upcoming changes to what Hunters can tame in Shadowlands. Existing families are being expanded to include more beasts out in the world — more kinds of rams, the kunchongs from Pandaria, and finally giraffes. Plus, more kinds of snakes are being considered serpents, which some players have been requesting for a long time.

It’s even better than that! A lot of creatures with a beast-like appearance but are classified as undead can now be tamed, with A Simple Tome of Bone-Binding. Undead raptors, Gluth from Naxxramas, and Shade of Hakkar from Sunken Temple are all up for grabs now. This gives more options, and complements Forsaken or Troll players that roleplay worshiping death loa.

And then there’s the addition of Cloud Serpent pets. Dragons! This requires the tome How to School Your Serpent. They fall under the serpent family of pets, but they are basically Pandaria’s dragons. The title of the tome is even a How to Train Your Dragon reference. This may be the first step towards making dragons a Hunter pet. Is it too much to hope for dragon whelps (or even drakes) as dragon pets in the future? And then what? Most of the beasts are now tamable, with more being added. Undead is no longer a limitation. Dinosaurs have been added a while ago, again with a tome. We’re moving further into dragon territory. Where do we go from here?

Gargoyles might be an option. They border on undead-humanoid, and they are temporarily summoned by Death Knights. They have a role in Shadowlands and are a Battle Pet. Otherwise, there are demons. Yes, they are already used as class pets by Warlocks, but there are other unused demons out there. Warlocks have shown they don’t mind sharing, or even giving up part of their class abilities for other classes to use.

…On second thought, never mind. Blizzard should give more options of demons to Warlocks, and let them even rename demons. No demons for Hunters.

What other options are there for Hunters to have as pets? What beasts are still not tamable? What families of creatures are beast-like that could have this same treatment in the future?

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