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Blizzard > DiscussionSep 15, 2020 8:00 am CT

What’s your favorite login screen from a Blizzard game or expansion?

The new login screen for Shadowlands has been released. No surprise, it shows the broken sky between the world of the dead and Azeroth, above Icecrown Citadel. You know, the place in the expansion’s trailer where Sylvanas shattered the sky. It strikes right at the heart of when we first saw what the next expansion would be about. Every time we log in, we will remember that essential moment. And to add to the login experience, it’s coupled with excellent music, “Through the Roof of the World.”

Blizzard has always done an exceptional job with login screens, from every iteration of World of Warcraft, to pretty much any game in their repertoire. Even though it’s a briefly seen screen, there’s a moment of the title, the logo, and for those who play with sound on, music that can be associated with the experience. Years later, glancing back at images or listening to the music again can bring up the nostalgia of the era when that game was new.

StarCraft II even had a bit of functionality on its title screen, clicking in a particular spot could open up a secret Cow Level chat! Hearthstone doesn’t have a login screen, per se, but that opening scene of the tavern doors with the title, then the Hearthstone box is iconic and feels enough like a login screen to count.

For the WoW expansions, the early ones required login every time, and the later ones will stay logged in on the same computer. Therefore, the early ones will be more familiar and nostalgic for those who associate it with the game. From the portal to Outland, to a menacing dragon, Blizzard didn’t stop making great login screens, even though they’re likely seen a lot less nowadays.

From all the Blizzard games, which are your favorite login screens? Is it because of the visuals? Or the music? Do you miss seeing this screen each time you log in?

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