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WoWSep 15, 2020 10:00 am CT

Jenafur has finally been found, but do you need a soul-devouring cat in your collection?

When I saw that the secrets finding community had found out how to get Jenafur, I felt this sharp burst, a pang, really. I have a cat named Puck. My wife and I got her back in 2007, after our first year of marriage. We had one cat at the time, Aurora, and she was a trifle bitey so we thought getting a second cat would help her out. Puck is a loving, sweet, and somewhat murderous little cat who will loudly express her displeasure with you if you make her unhappy. She’s been sick lately and I’ve been worried about her almost constantly.

So when the secret to finding Jenafur was unlocked, I already had my cat on my mind. The solution to Jenafur is crazy intricate and I know Puck would appreciate something being this Byzantine. She would believe it only fitting that someone had to go through this much of an effort for a cat like her. Going from Ashenvale to Elwynn, then to Karazhan, and finding five different kinds of meat within 5 minutes — slower and they’ll despawn — to place them on the Opera House floor, and if you don’t think this was Byzantine? Check out how the puzzle was solved, using the musical notes from the song Amara’s Wish as a clue.

That’s absolutely crazy and awesome, really. To write a song just to encode instructions on how to place meat on the floor before it despawns, and that’s how you summon a cat named Jenafur… seriously, Puck would approve. Puck would also approve of Jenafur’s seemingly darker impulses. The cat is known to take on a Void form and whisper things to you, once you’ve made it a pet. Things like Your flesh smells delicious and Only blood can quench my thirst, or Your eyes look tasty. And of course the classic Feed me souls.

Now, I love my cats dearly, and I believe they love me. The way they wiggle their tails and cry out to be picked up when I see them on waking up, a million little signs of cat love. And so, as someone who loves his cats, I can assure you, they absolutely think my eyes look tasty and would like to be fed some souls.

The headline asked you a question. That question — Do you need a soul-devouring cat in your collection? — is one I can answer for you, and the answer is yes. Yes, you do.

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