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D&D > Off Topic > Tabletop RPGSep 18, 2020 2:00 pm CT

Gods and monsters are everywhere in our recent Mythic Odysseys of Theros D&D adventure

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone at this point that we like to play Dungeons and Dragons here at the Blizzard Watch Fortress. Okay, it’s technically not a fortress, it’s a Discord server, but regardless, our recent D&D shenanigans took place on the world of Theros, a setting based in myths and monsters inspired by Ancient Greece, and we now have it on Soundcloud for you to listen to if you couldn’t be there live. The Dramatis Personae for this adventure were:

  • Andrew Powers as Sarticaes the Centaur Fighter
  • Liz Harper as Lyesmera the Leonin Cleric
  • Anne Stickney as Kixapos Kel the Centaur Ranger
  • Cory Taylor  as Stavros the Minotaur Sorcerer
  • Joe “Lodur” Perez  as Agapios Steelhoof the Minotaur Paladin

If you’d rather listen to the adventure, go ahead and head on over, we’re all waiting for you in convenient recorded form. If you’d like a recap, here it comes.

Feral Shadow Hogs at the Agnomakhos Festival

The party found themselves at the Agnomakhos festival, where a whole host of entertainers were performing strangely familiar epic songs and ballads. After being entertained by a beautiful and sad Siren from a distant island, their celebrations were cut short when, just prior to a Satyr Bard’s big song, a horde of mysterious shadow pigs attacked the festival. Our players were forced to engage and defend the various stalls and the attendees from significantly less than 30 to 50 feral hogs. Still, these particular feral hogs may have lacked the sheer numbers but they did have the ability to return from the dead as masses of evil shadow, so there was that.

Following the initial chaos, the mayor of the town was shocked and dismayed that anyone would attack the culturally significant festival, and asked the players to please investigate. Interviewing the various attendees led them to know that a distant tomb had recently been ransacked, while the Satyr Bard was a colossal jerk and thought the attacks were aimed at him. However, a sinister Satyr in the crowd was overheard and followed, and his speech to his minions indicated he was trying to kill the Bard, as well as the Siren the players had initially listened to. They leapt to the attack, but the villain got away, forcing them to deal with his minions.

The gods intervened to bless the players with rest and push them onward to their final destination, an enormous Tholos tomb underneath a massive tree shaped like a headless corpse. Inside, they discovered the head they’d procured from the antiquities vendor at the festival could talk, and worse, when they freed its lips from ancient bronze thread bindings, that it was evil and in league with the forces at the tomb. A long running battle with shadow pigs and Satyr cultists resulted, and at the end, thanks to some clutch plays by Lyesmera with the spells, the tomb collapsed in on itself.

Sadly, the players forgot the main villain was inside the tomb when it collapse, but these things happen.

As it was a one shot, that’s where the story ends. If you’d like us to go back to Theros someday, or you’re interested in our recurring D&D games, we’ve done quite a bit of these games and we’d love to do more. You can catch up with our Blizzard Watch Plays and D&D Spectacular posts here, and let us know if you’d like more. We’re always down to have fun and play games.

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