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The QueueOct 1, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Happy 1st day of Halloween!

Happy first day of October Halloween, everyone! This is my favorite month, and I hope every second of it proves to be spooOoOoO0oky!

While we spook, let’s also Queue.


I have a queue question but Mitch is absolutely the worst writer to ask it to because he plays so few alts. I wonder if I’ll remember it for Liz tomorrow.

I, um… sorry! But my answer would almost definitely have been “13,” FWIW. Also, let this be your reminder to ask Liz first thing.


Q4tQ: why is Donkey Kong named “Donkey” Kong?

Did Miyamoto simply look at the word “monkey” and thought “you know what would be funny? If we replaced the ‘m’ with a ‘d,’ because that’s a different animal”

According to Google, Miyamoto wanted to convey a sense of stubbornness (hence, “donkey”) as well as conjure the image of a gorilla (hence, “Kong”). It was not, as many rumors have claimed, a mistranslation or printing error of “donkey” instead of “monkey.”

The more you know!™


Why do so many people seem to think pre-patch probably won’t be next week? For BFA, we only got a nebulous “soon” announcement on the end of the PvP season and such about 10 days prior to the patch, and the actual date announced the Friday before the patch went live. I’d still say it’s likely to be October 6th, unless this weekend comes around and we still haven’t heard anything.

In fact, I’ve always been of the opinion that that was the most likely date for the pre-patch, because that’s when Brewfest ends. Any other year, that might sound silly, but think about it. The event is basically going to include hordes of undead at the city gates, right? That’d be kind of difficult to have at the same time as Brewfest.

Y’know, I forgot that the BFA pre-patch announcement (July 12, 2018) was actually so close to the pre-patch release (July 17, 2018) and also about a month away from the BFA launch (August 14, 2018). So we’re technically not too far off of that pattern.

I think there are plenty of reasons people are getting worried, though. For starters, it felt like the last Afterlives short would’ve been the perfect time to announce the pre-patch date. Then we got nothing… and we still got nothing the week after. On top of that, a lot of the more vocal areas of the community are pretty regularly saying how many of Shadowlands‘ systems don’t feel complete or ready to go, so there’s been an undercurrent of “the expansion isn’t ready” already spreading before the pre-patch was “delayed” (which, you can’t technically delay something that doesn’t have a release date, but I digress). On top of both of those things, we got the “here’s what to do!” blog, which usually means the pre-patch date is coming shortly after, and then we, again, got nothing. Plus, it does at least feel like we’ve had more time in the past, even if actually looking back doesn’t quite feel that way.

Whew. Anyhow, there are a lot of factors in play here, but maybe none of them will matter by the time you read this. Blizzard tends to announce WoW news at the exact same time The Queue goes live, thus ensuring we can never address the most current news when we’re actually writing these :P


When did so many people decide it was acceptable to have speakerphone conversations in public?

While I don’t go out all that often — especially not nowadays — this is something I’ve seen/heard happen enough times that I’m right there with ya. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand if someone’s hard of hearing and needs the volume louder — but it’s still always awkward to hear both sides of someone else’s conversation. Even more so if it’s happening in a smaller store. I, personally, would just plain be uncomfortable knowing everyone could hear me.


Switch Q4tQ (since we are stuck in WoW purgatory waiting for the pre-patch date): Anyone else going to give Mario 35 a try tomorrow? It seems a bit like that battle royale Mario fan game, but you don’t directly interact with your opponents, only indirectly by sending defeated enemies to randomly pop up as they try to progress through the levels.

I totally forgot that Mario 35 was even a thing. I’m definitely going to watch people play it. I may hop in for a few games myself, but it’s not on my “must do” list by any means.


Q4tQ: I’ve noticed we don’t have many marine mammals available as hunter pets. What would you like to sea added?

I’d like walruses and sea lions, to start.

Honestly, all I want is for Whale Sharks to be tamable and for them to appear normal size when summoned. It’s ridiculous, but it would also be hilarious (for a little while, at least).

Actually, now that I think about it, I just want Blizz to give Hunters a sea-based spec, like “Whaler” or something. Make them only able to tame sea creatures, and make Stampede just a bunch of fish swimming around their enemies. Give ’em some seafaring armor to match. Maybe even send ’em to the moon. Yeah. I’d like that.

(Also, A+ pun.)


Ok this is a bit random but I’ve been wondering.

Q4tQ: Do you think blizz will ever add shields to rares/world bosses again? They did it for the Pandaria ones (but not timeless isle Huolon who really needs it) and I don’t believe they’ve done it since (please correct me if they have). Why do you think it’s just those 4 bosses?

Slightly more relevant:

Q4tQ: To anyone on beta are island expeditions solo queueable yet? I know blizz said that they hadn’t thought about it a few months back (but seriously with the amount of drops and RNG I don’t know about anyone else but I have a lot left to get). So yeah, is that a thing?

I may have been farming things lately…

I’m sure it could happen — but Shadowlands is (for now) moving away from an overall larger amount of loot, so it’s probably not super likely in this coming expansion. That said, you might find low-stat, cool-looking shields off rares and such. You know, the kinds of stuff you’ll almost certainly only use for transmog.

I was going to answer your second question, but apparently all of my characters were wiped in a recent update, so I don’t have a level 60 on beta anymore to test this sort of thing (and there aren’t premades atm). Sorry! :(


How does one commission a painting of their character?! That’s such a cool idea.

It varies from artist to artist, but there are plenty in the Warcraft community (and even more in the general gaming community). Typically, they’ll have links to a site in their social bios, and on the site will be prices and availability. Sometimes, that info will just plain be on their social profiles. Do some digging before a request, though — sometimes, artists will get too many commissions and close requests for a bit.

But really, it boils down to finding an artist whose style you like, seeing if their commission window + cost fit your budget, and going from there. That said, don’t try to haggle lower prices — it can come off the wrong way, and most artists typically don’t appreciate that sort of thing.

That’s it for today’s Queue! Please be spooky to each other and leave lots of spooky questions for Liz!

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