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The QueueDec 8, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Toss a coin to your Longboi

Shout out to the people hanging out on their Longbois near the mailbox in Oribos. While Kevin is adorable and Choofa is my new best friend, y’all living the dream of being an actual NPC in the middle of town are really making this expansion worth playing.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we take a short break from the endless cycle of AHing and fishing to answer.


Q4TQ: What’s your best and worst dungeon from Shadowlands so far? For me best would be Theatre of Pain with an honorable mention to De Other Side. Worst would be Plaguefall, with an dishonorable mention to Mists of Terna Scithe.

Theater of Pain is the WORST.

And it’s weird, because I like the concept, and I like doing most of the fights. But on the way to Kul’tharok, I get yeeted off a platform in the middle of the maze every time. EVERY time. I’ve done it several times, and everything I’ve attempted to avoid those cyclones of yeeting is thwarted. I’ve stood with my back up against bones, only to try to run to avoid the stun, and got booted that way. I’ve eaten the stun, and then the tornado comes at me from a weird angle and I get booted anyway.

That one particular mob interaction makes me hate that entire dungeon. And I swear I’m trying, but every damn time… yeet.


Survey for the queue: if your WQ rewards are higher than i148, what is the ilvl of the offered rewards, and what is your current ilvl?

My ilvl is 162, and my rewards just bumped up to 151.

Keep in mind the rewards aren’t supposed to scale only due to your ilvl this expansion, but also your renown level. Apparently when we get to Renown 10 — so not this week, but the week after — we’ll see a bump up in ilvl on World Quest gear.

I will add that it seemed like an odd decision to keep the ilvl of Normal dungeon gear (158) so close to the ilvl required to start running Heroics but not bump up WQs to be above that as well. It seems like they really want you get familiar with mechanics on the Normal mode before jumping it up to Heroic, perhaps, before adding in all these weird catch-ups. On the bright side, with Renown catchups, your alts will barely feel it.


Is there a world first race for the upcoming raid, or do they only make a big deal of that for the end raid of the expansion?

We are going to have some World First coverage led by Cory as usual, but we’re not sure how things are going to shake out — and honestly that’s really fun and exciting all by itself. We’re following the usual suspects, but we also have our eye on a few guilds who made the top 10 but weren’t totally in play for the top slot, like Midwinter and Big Dumb Guild.

It’s always fun to watch people who are really good at the thing you like do it better than you could ever dream of doing, right? …wait.


How is Actual Torghast compared to Tutorialghast?

Tutorialghast (and its cousin Covenant Expositorghast) are both considerably easier to play through than Torghast proper, in my experience. Playing as a BM Hunter, the only thing I ever stumble too much on is the final boss in any wing, which is all but negated in the exposition versions. Granted, BM Hunter is easymode for groups of mobs, and other classes may have a far easier time exploding a boss while struggling with adds, but it’s worth a run or two just to get your bearings.

Keep in mind that as we get more gear and get more used to our rotations and such, this will get easier over time. Lastly, don’t discount the effect of getting a run with some really choice Anima powers — or the opposite. I know that when my first few powers are related to buffing Tar Trap, I’m in for a bad time.

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