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WoWJan 11, 2021 6:00 pm CT

Torghast’s Twisting Corridors has shiny rewards, but you have to work for them

Last week Blizzard unlocked the latest wing of Torghast, the Twisting Corridors. Designed as an additional challenge for players, the Twisting Corridors is made up of eight layers, each of which has 18 floors instead of the standard six. The reward for completing every layer? A mount you can use in the Maw.

But the Corridor Creeper isn’t the only reward gained from working your way up the Twisting Corridors. Here’s what you’ll get for conquering each layer:

  • Layer 2 rewards the super-cute Death Seeker pet
  • Layer 4 rewards the toy Helm of the Dominated, which gives you a Mawsworn appearance
  • Layer 6 rewards a title, Spirestalker, which is an interesting choice although I think I would’ve preferred something like “Climber,” even if it’s inherently less serious
  • Layer 8 rewards the Corridor Creeper mount so you can speed your way through the Maw

One reward you won’t get is Soul Ash. In order to keep it mostly optional for players, Blizzard has designated the Twisting Corridors to be Soul Ash-free so those pursuing Legendaries are better off working their way through the normal, shorter wings. While there’s no need to run Twisting Corridors every week, you will need to brave these halls once to advance Bolvar’s quest line, which requires drops from three Twisting Corridors bosses. For players having trouble getting through all the floors, you can just run the first six floors three times rather than completing a full (and more difficult) run.

I keep working my way up to Tarragrue, babe, with a burning love inside

As can be expected, the Twisting Corridors are not for the faint of heart or the short of time. At 9.0 gearing levels you can expect to spend 2-3 hours on a full layer clear of 18 floors. Each group of six floors is designed like one of the standard Torghast wings, with hazards and themes you’ll already be familiar with. But it’s completely random which ones you can get — a run could be Mort’regar followed by Skoldus Halls twice. This makes choosing the wing-specific anima powers a dicey proposition; while the Purifier’s Flame is a fantastic Anima Power when running Mort’regar, it’s probably a risk to choose it if you’re on the boss floor of that wing. Of course, if the next group of 6 floors is Mort’regar again, you’ll be in a great shape.

The Anima Powers are where the 18 floor design of the Twisting Corridors really shows off its potential, as you’ll be gaining power after power as you work your way up. Whether or not these powers offset the difficulty increase as you climb is hard to say, as the RNG factor of Torghast is still in play. Floors seven and 13 have a noticeable difficulty jump, so when you purchase Anima Powers from the Broker on the 6th or 12th floor, think past the boss fight otherwise you may find yourself struggling with the regular mobs.

Soloing all the way up through Layer 8 is possible, although at this point in the expansion it’s going to be limited to classes that traditionally do well soloing — Blood Death Knight, Beast Mastery Hunter, etc. — or Heroic Nathria-geared players. You can group up to tackle the Twisting Corridors, but note that scaling is in place so it’s not easy to “carry” someone unable or unwilling to pull their weight.

I expect Twisting Corridors and its rewards to be around for the entire expansion, so don’t panic if you’re struggling. As gear and luck improves, you should be able to clear up to the mount easily before the expansion is over. Fortunately there are only cosmetic rewards and no progression tied to the feature, so ragequitting it for a fortnight (like I have) will not set you back.

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