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The QueueJan 18, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Chaddius!

Is there a Steward in all of Bastion as amazing as Chaddius? I’m sure there are some that come close, but I can’t think of any with more personality just hanging out. It’s good that the Steward of the Day rotates otherwise I might just shower Chaddius with all of my extra purians.

While I go find more purians to give to Stewards, it’s time for — The Queue.


Q4tQ: Can I go directly to the Steward of the Day, give him a ripe purian, and get the key to the chest? Or do I have to talk to the guy by the chest first? 

You sure can! If you know which Steward is the one being celebrated that day, and you know where they hang out, going over to them will give you the same dialogue option as if you’d been to Hero’s Rest first. I found that out when I went to grab Liz that picture of Chaddius that you see above.


Q4tQ (that I asked before but it didn’t get picked and I still think it’s a good question): WoW has magically become an enormous JRPG. Who do you add to your party? Who do you romance? And what’s the big reality-warping final dungeon?

So my ideal Warcraft JRPG party would probably be Yrel for tanking, Lillian Voss and Lady Liadrin for damage, First Arcanist Thalyssra for support powers, and Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem for Druidness. What party is complete without a Druid after all? Jaina, Lor’themar, Magni, and Shaw could be hanging around as party members that I never wind up bringing in the main party. I couldn’t choose just one romance track — I’d have to play through multiple times.

The big final dungeon would probably be a Titan facility that was being corrupted by an Old God. But not Ulduar, been there done that. I just love the idea of the pristine Titan architecture falling into Old God madness. It’s extremely my jam.


Torghast Q4tQ: I can not pass this damn slime in the Twisting Torghast and I need to for Anduin, my ilvl isn’t good enough and neither are the powers offered. Someone said you can leave and return in a couple hours and it might change the end boss in the same day; Is that true? 

In theory, every time you leave and enter the Twisting Corridors you should see a new Floor layout, starting Anima power, and different wing bosses. If you’re still having troubles getting through your Twisting Corridors it might be worthwhile to look for a group doing them or make one yourself. Getting a tank or a healer makes them way easier. Plus, having someone to talk to and laugh with about the crazy Anima combo’s you get on your run can make the time fly right by.


I was just thinking about most of my alts, who aren’t going to get played at all this expansion (I ended BfA with 18 at max level), and it got me thinking about how agonizing some of the SL content is to solo, particularly in The Maw and in Torghast. I sighed about what a grind that will be, if I ever pick up that Horde DK again, when it hit me: when SL is over, no one will ever go into The Maw again after the opening quest chain. No one will enter Torghast. 

Now, I know, there will probably be somebody who will, if for no other reason but to eventually get to the Corridors in search of transmog. But for the most part, players will ding 60,and leave for the next “current” expansion. They’ll never meet Ven’ari. It felt strange, thinking about that. 

If there are mounts, pets, and toys in a zone there will always be people going there. They’ll never be as busy as the main story areas for the expansion, but even then I don’t think the Maw will ever truly be empty. Too many Covenants send people there occasionally. I’ve still spent a ton of time on the Broken Shore in Legion because I need to unlock class mounts. Same with Mac’aree but with pet battles. I’ll get that family battler achievement done eventually, I swear!

I was thinking about this recently though. If and when I ever get my alts rolling in Shadowlands, I’ve already gotten all of the Torghast upgrades from Ve’nari on my main. Since those are account-wide there’s no reason for my alts to get reputation with her. So I just may have characters that never end up doing anything in the Maw during the expansion it’s part of.


QftQ: Who has the best laugh in Warcraft? 

I’m going to cheat and say Whitemane, but only because of her laughs from Heroes of the Storm. From full-throated cackle, to mild bemusement, Whitemane has the best laugh in Azeroth. Maybe even in all of the Blizzard games. Honorable mention goes to Lunara, of course, and the Headless Horseman.


Hypothetical: Blizzard decides to outright remove one of the pre-Legion races from the game, so there are no NPCs as that race and no new characters can be made as that race. 

Q4tQ: Which race would you want removed, and why? 

This is a huge excision. It’d be one thing if you could still have NPCs of that race, that’s easy — I’d get rid of Gnomes as a playable race so quickly your head would spin. But if they’re just gone from World of Warcraft entirely, that’s tougher. I think I’m leaning towards Tauren. I have nothing against Tauren, it’s just been so long since they had a really meaty role to play in anything. I know that it’s tough to balance 11 different racial storylines and development, especially with another ten allied races on top of that. But I think that they’d be the least impactful removal.


Is anyone actually planning on using the Necrolords leather appearances? Gods that is one fugly set!

I kind of like it. I’m in Venthyr so I can’t use it, but I do appreciate an excellent asymmetric set. Sure there’s a random arm sticking out of your shoulder, but maybe that arm can be useful! How many times have you wished that you had an extra arm to hold things for you or scratch your back? We’ll never know because I can only count up to ten on my fingers. If only I had an extra appendage!

It does feel weird though that they went with a very House of Constructs feel for the leather when there are all those spider people from the House of Eyes just sitting right there. As we all know that wearing Leather is the purview of Rogues and sneaky types because it’s made of hide.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Wellerman

Have a great week everyone! Make sure to sing a shanty or two with your friends!

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