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WoWJan 18, 2021 10:00 am CT

Every Torghast Legendary Pattern is available every week — with a catch

To create a Legendary armor piece in Shadowlands requires a trip to the Runecarver in Torghast. You’ll need the base item, two missives in your chosen stat, the required amount of Soul Ash, and you will need to have learned the Legendary Pattern for the ability you want the Legendary armor to have. Some drop from World Bosses, some drop in the Castle Nathria raid, some come from dungeons, and some are from vendors. However, quite a few of them — good ones — come from completing specific wings on Torghast, on Layer 3 or higher.

Over the passing weeks of Shadowlands, it has become clear that there is no set rotation of when wings are available. It’s not a matter of “wait three weeks and this specific wing will be up.” The same wing could be up two weeks in a row, and another wing might not be up for three or five weeks. So, you’d think waiting on a particular Legendary pattern from a specific wing could take a long time.

But no! You can get that pattern right now, no matter which wing is up — maybe. There are some stipulations to this, and this is probably going to be a lot more useful to your alts than your main.

Where are these Legendary Patterns?

These patterns still drop in their respective wings. For example, a Beast Master Hunter’s Memory of a Dire Command drops in Skoldus Hall, on Layer 3 or higher, from the boss that signifies the end of the wing. Sure, on the normal side of Torghast, only two wings are up. But where else do we see these wings? Yes, I’m sorry to say, I’m talking about The Twisting Corridors.

It turns out, the same loot rules apply to Twisting Corridors as the rest of Torghast. When in the Twisting Corridors, every six floors are considered a “wing” and the wings types aren’t limited by which wings are up for the week — it can be any of the six wings. As long as it’s Layer 3 or above of the Twisting Corridors, the boss on Floor 6, 12, or 18 will drop the Legendary Memory Pattern if that character does not already have it. In the above example, if the Hunter is running Twisting Corridors and the floors are labeled as a Skoldus Hall wing, if the Hunter did not have that memory already, looting the boss would reward that memory.

There is a large list of memories per class. The best way to find out what you want is to open your Powers tab in the Adventure Guide, see which wing from Torghast it comes from by moving your cursor over it. This is the wing you will specifically target. Next, go to the Twisting Corridors entrance of Torghast. Enter, see which wing it gave you. Is it the one you want? No? Exit and try again. Yes? Proceed. The first six floors are easier than the next twelve. While trying to target this Legendary Pattern, you’ll want to keep trying until the first wing given to you is the one you want.

And, that’s it! That’s how you target the pattern you want on any week, even this week.

What if you don’t have Layer 3 of Twisting Corridors opened yet?

The biggest problems here are — What if you don’t have Layer 3 of Twisting Corridors open, and what if you are unable to solo it?

There are a lot of great benefits in the game that will help players. For players that were doing the Bolvar weekly quests, they should have a lot of Soul Ash, and would have an upgraded Legendary, to help with ilevel. They would be close to completing the quest chain, if not already finished. If you didn’t keep up with the quests, or if you are just starting out, Blizzard added a change that the quests are no longer weekly, and can be completed immediately after another. In a single week, all the quests can be completed to open up Twisting Corridors. Also, whenever it is unlocked, and whatever Layer is unlocked, it is account-wide, so once it is available for one of your characters, it is available for all of your characters.

Feeling that your character is underpowered? Thanks to Renown catchup, your character can get through the entire Campaign Story, which rewards gear, and the increase in Renown also increases the ilevel of available gear from World Quests. Use these to gear your character faster than players could through these methods early in the expansion. This should help with Torghast, as ilevel makes a huge difference.

When running Torghast, Group Finder is your friend. I know, it can be a toxic environment, but I’ve found it much easier to run in a group. Right now many groups are forming for the Twisting Corridors, and may be the easier way to complete them. Try to solo them if you prefer. See which way works better for you. They are a time investment, at eighteen floors per Layer. Sometimes it’s better to have a group of people that can kill mobs faster, but playstyles — and tolerance for random strangers — will vary. Choose what you enjoy.

Three simple steps to obtaining any Legendary Pattern any week

That’s all there is to it, to obtain any Legendary Pattern, on any of your characters, on any week.

  1. Unlock Layer 3 of Twisting Corridors.
  2. Enter Twisting Corridors over and over until you find the wing that drops the pattern you want.
  3. Defeat and loot the boss on Floor 6. Then leave.

Or, you could keep going, and finish to unlock Layer 4, then keep going until you complete Layer 8 and earn the Corridor Creeper. Then, you’re done with Torghast for good. At least, until Shadowlands gives us another reason to dive back in — probably to farm more Soul Ash.

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