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Discussion > WoWJan 25, 2021 8:00 am CT

What would you change about the Twisting Corridors?

I’m sorry, but 18 floors of Torghast are just too many floors of Torghast for me.

Not because it’s too hard, but because it takes so long. Maybe if there was a method to save your progress in a layer — if, after 6 floors, you could save your Torghast run and then come back in later to do another 6 or so floors, then I’d be happier with it. But running them last night, I found myself staring bleary eyed at the screen at 3:00 in the morning, dying on floor 15 because I simply couldn’t stay awake any longer. I’m okay with Torghast being challenging — even if I’m hearing that the difficulty isn’t tuned properly I wasn’t feeling like it was too hard. But I draw the line at Torghast taking multiple hours to clear.

I’m sure for some players, four hours in Torghast is fine, but anything past two for me is simply too long. In my opinion, kill a boss-level monster in there, it should save your progress and let you leave and come back like a raid.

That’s all. I’m not saying make it easier. I’m not even saying it should drops Soul Ash or loot or anything. All I would change would be some means to make it so that it requires less time in one sitting — not even less time. It should still be time consuming, just not all at once.  There’s a reason you don’t have to finish a raid all in one go, and that reason should definitely apply to the Twisting Corridors, because by the end of that run I was literally passing out. I liked a lot about the concept — I liked the ridiculous level of Anima Powers you get, I enjoyed the really variable floor plan. But by floor 15 I was utterly wiped out.

But maybe you’re scoffing right now, and wouldn’t change anything, and think I’m old and weak. And maybe I am old and weak and I should be treating this like the old days when I spent five hours in Blackrock Depths walking uphill in a soot storm. So what do you think? What would you change, if anything, about the Twisting Corridors?

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