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WoWJan 27, 2021 2:00 pm CT

Your Covenant’s best strategy to get Soul Ash from the Shadowlands Adventure Table

There are many currencies to collect in Shadowlands, among which is Soul Ash, which lets you craft legendary items. Soul Ash has three ways to collect it — rewards from non-Twisting Corridor wings in Torghast, quest rewards from Bolvar totaling 900 Soul Ash, and then as rewards from Adventures on the Adventure Table. The first two sources just require picking up quests and running Torghast weekly, but how does someone unlock these Adventures? And more importantly, how do players successfully complete these Adventures?

First things first — unlock your Covenant Adventure Table. That costs 500 Anima and 1 Redeemed Soul. Next, be sure to level your Companions by sending them on other Adventures. This will matter more for some Covenants than others, but you will want higher level Companions to defeat the Soul Ash Adventures. Also, the level of the extra Troops you can use is affected by the level of your Companions.

Lastly, to unlock the Soul Ash Adventures, you will want to do Campaign Adventures. These Campaign Adventures have “Campaign” before the title, and will have two rewards, usually a pet, or reputation, or gear that’s a lower ilevel than what you are wearing, in addition to text saying, “Adventure Campaign Progress – This challenge leads to addition adventures with greater rewards.” One of those greater rewards is Soul Ash!

Once the first is unlocked, completing one Soul Ash Adventure will unlock the next, and they will go up in difficulty, rewarding slightly more Soul Ash, as well as Stygia.

How to successfully defeat these Soul Ash Adventures greatly varies, by both strategy and by ease, based on Covenant. Let’s look at each Covenant’s best strats individually.

How to win at Night Fae Covenant Soul Ash Adventures

This is possibly the easiest of the four, once you know the trick. In the bottom row, place one of the soul binds. I have never lost with Niya there, but strategies say that the best Companion is Dreamweaver. For the other four spots, put Ardenweald Trapper Troops. That’s it, that’s the strat. Even if the Adventure is high level compared to your Companion and Troops, you will still complete it successfully.

For other Adventures, elite or rare, this strategy works too — sometimes. If you see a pet or a mount that you want, and you know your Companions will not be able to handle it on their own, give this a try. It appears to work better on Soul Ash or a Campaign Adventure than on a normal Elite Adventure, though. And completing too many Campaign Adventures will only lead to higher level Adventures, so use this with caution.

How to win at Necrolord Covenant Soul Ash Adventures

You won’t find a lot of strategies on how to complete Necrolord Adventures, because they’re pretty easy on their own — the protectors of the Shadowlands are a powerful bunch. They have a lot of strength, and a lot of buffs, and just throwing them onto Adventures can succeed by accident. This is the group that wound up succeeding the Soul Ash Adventures for me. I also found a Reddit post that recommends completing it with just four Companions and didn’t even need Talethi the Lich, so this might be overkill.

This group has never lost for me, even when they were slightly below level. But also, I’ve been careful with not letting the level of the Adventure go too far ahead of my Companions. They’re all around mid-20’s to 30. I don’t know if they would be able to tackle a Level 40 Adventure at that level, whereas the Night Fae strategy above was able to do so.

How to win at Kyrian Covenant Soul Ash Adventures

This is where actual strategies start to come more into play. For a while, Kyrian Covenant players thought that they would never be able to earn Soul Ash from Adventures. A change went in mid-December that made it so Soul Ash Adventures started at level 20, and no longer scaled with Companion level. This allows Companions to outlevel the Adventure and give them an advantage. But to get a jump on it sooner rather than later, a strategy was discovered. It still recommends having Companions whose level is in the late-20’s. This is true for the level 30 Adventure as well, so one can be done right after the other, when it appears. For more details, and follow up comments, the Wowhead article can be found here.

For the Level 20 Adventure, Breach the Planes, the setup is as follows:

For the Level 30 Adventure, Ghelak’s Revenge, the setup is as follows:

It was noted that level of the Companions makes a difference, and there is randomness involved. It’s recommended to sit and actually watch how it plays out, and see where attacks could be better. The idea is to take out specific mobs — the backline — first. This feels more like what the table was supposed to be, not randomly throwing Companions onto it and pressing Skip to End.

How to win at Venthyr Covenant Soul Ash Adventures

Not all Covenants were created equal, and when it came to Adventure Tables, Venthyr drew the short straw. Players have complained throughout Shadowlands that Adventures have been hard for their Venthyr Companions, and when Soul Ash Adventures started to appear, they really felt it. A lot of rewards that come from the table, like pets and mounts, will be the same regardless of Covenant, so if you have some alts it might be better to chase these rewards elsewhere. But when it comes to character-specific rewards, and you have to push through with the hand that the game deals you, here you go.

Icy-Veins had two strategies that worked for the level 20 Adventure. In the first, all Companions were mid-to-late 20’s in level. In the second, they were all early-to-mid 20’s.

Strategy 1:

Strategy 2:

I couldn’t find a strategy for the Level 30 Adventure. Try this same strategy for the later Soul Ash Adventures, and if it doesn’t seem to work, make sure you watch the full breakdown. See where your Companions are going wrong — and try leveling more in the meantime.

The best strategy for Soul Ash

The best overall strategy for obtaining Soul Ash, is to just run Torghast Layer 8, both wings, every week. The 100 or 200 Anima cost for these Adventures for 120 Soul Ash — 130 in the Level 40 Adventure — hardly seems worth it. At most, skipping the Adventure will delay you one week to upgrade your Legendary. At worst, you spend your precious Anima on an Adventure that failed — I’m assuming because you didn’t follow my advice above. Additionally, you could have to spend additional Anima to heal Companions who successfully completed the Adventure, but did not level up at the end.

These Adventures also show disparities between the Covenants. Perhaps Blizzard had a reason for this — to show the might of the Necrolords, and the frailty of the Venthyr, maybe. Or, perhaps there are strategies out there that make this easy, and are yet undiscovered. Let us know if you found any — please.

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