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Discussion > WoWMar 5, 2021 8:00 am CT

What makes you love a dungeon?

There are a lot of different dungeons in World of Warcraft. They’re a kind of content that is designed to be completed quickly and something that has a very low barrier to entry. That’s especially true compared to raids which are more involved, especially when you get to the higher difficulties. Every dungeon has its own pros and cons — things that players love about it and things they don’t. When you think about what your favorite dungeons in World of Warcraft are, what makes you love them?

I love it when dungeons put big lore figures in them. Warlords of Draenor had this with Shadowmoon Burial Grounds and Ner’zhul, Legion had Odyn in the Halls of Valor, and just recently in Shadowlands, we got to hang out with ol’ Bwonsamdi and square up against Hakkar (and also the Manastorms) in De Other Side. I love that these big story beats are happening in dungeons and my character gets to hang out with some of the biggest names in Warcraft.

I also love when a dungeon is big. Not just big, but big enough to be outside and mount up in, like Zul’aman, Zul’gurub, or Freehold. They all have plenty of room for activities.

I’m not claustrophobic, but my character might be. I hate when they’re squeezed into those tiny corridors and rooms. I’m a big old bear tank I need the room to see what’s happening around me! I also really love the convenience of being able to mount up and vendor items or repair my gear if things have been going poorly.

Having bigger dungeons usually means fighting more bosses too. Everyone knows that bosses are where the real interesting parts of the dungeon are. Sorry to all of the random pirates and monsters out there, you’re going to have to work harder to make me care about you.

What about you? Do you say that you love the ones that are fast and simple like the Maw of Souls from Legion? Do you like when dungeons are used to cap off storylines from the zones — like when you go into the Necrotic Wake to stop the Maldraxxus assault on Bastion? Or do you want them to be something wildly standalone like how the Caverns of Time dungeons work?

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