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The QueueApr 6, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Shots Shots Shots!

I just got my second COVID vaccine a few hours before writing this post and I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark.

Let’s Queue!


Q4tQ: Which would be the better alternative for the pandemic induced delays imposed upon Shadowlands: Blizzard sticks to their planned content schedule or cuts the expansion short? If they go with the former it means the number of days between each patch will be much longer than usual, but we will still get the usual 3 raid tiers worth of content. On the other hand they could combine whatever narrative steps they were planning for 9.3 into 9.2, because really after we deal with Sylvanas in 9.1 what is left other than to confront the Jailer? This would allow us to advance into the next expansion at Blizzard’s intended year, but still might make the conclusion for Shadowlands feel rushed.

To paraphrase Shigeru Miyamoto, a delayed expansion is eventually a good expansion. A bad expansion is bad forever.

I feel like the expansions we think of as the “worst” ones collectively — Warlords of Draenor, I’m looking at you — suffered largely from seeming “unfinished” in a lot of aspects. Heck, we’ve even seen what can happen in the middle of a disruptive disaster in other media — Heroes season 2 is a clear example there.

We can’t know what went on behind the curtain, what made the cut and what didn’t in any given expansion — for all we know, they almost finished Player Housing in Mists of Pandaria and then axed it. However, based on assets, we do know a lot of things were cut in Warlords, and we do know that Blizzard was publicly making a lot of noise at the time about not ever having a Siege-of-Orgrimmar-long final patch ever again, and tightening up their production schedule in general. I would much rather Blizzard go back to the “when it’s ready” philosophy.

I’ll add that this is in no small part because the story we need to explore in Shadowlands seems vast and incredibly exposition-y. It seems like almost all the Covenant plot threads are important in their own way, and will remain so in some capacity for the future. I feel like Blizzard are really getting to the point where they can use all the tools of interactive storytelling to make these seem meaningful, and we’ve got a lot of story beats to wrap up before we can go back to the world of the living — if we can… ominous organ


Todays the day for a big boi Ember Court! I went all out and finished the last 2 upgrades that I can make before hitting rank 5 this weekend! Here’s to hoping that I get Marileth to finally be my Best Friend!

Q4tQ: Have you received any nice rewards from the covenant specific stuff yet?

I got the mount from Maldraxxus a few weeks ago along with a bunch of feasts from the Ember Court. Other than that all the transmogs have been repeats and the buffs are just neat.

stares in Queen’s Conservatory

To be fair, between IRL and being annoyed at the Queen’s Conservatory I haven’t done a whole lot of engaged grinding to make things happen for myself. I did get a couple Soulshapes I wanted, but it feels incredibly bad to invest Anima in that when I could be investing it in the Queen’s Conservatory.

It’s a self-perpetuating issue — burnout because I’m trying too hard to get the thing, so I don’t get the thing, and then I’m discouraged so I burn out harder — and I’m really not sure how to solve it unless I could greatly increase Anima gain.


How did you survive the great Blood Plague of 2006? (I think that’s the year it happened).

Basically just avoided the AH except for right after server resets on Tuesday. I was on a PVP server so it wasn’t quite the all-encompassing devastation wrought on the more populated PVE servers.


Q4tQ: what’s the weirdest reason you’ve ever had for not playing a game?

Asking because I just watched about ten seconds of a game’s review before deciding nope, not for me, I could never play an entire game as a character who walked like that. >_<

Since becoming a parent I almost always avoid games where you rescue a person — especially a kid — from peril as the main plot thread. If the person in trouble could be replaced by a personal memento like a locket from a grandparent, but they opted to use a whole kid instead, I’m probably not going to enjoy myself. Either it’s upsetting on a personal level or it’s overwrought on a storytelling level, and either way I’ll pass.

Inevitably, when I do play a game like that, it reminds me why I don’t like them (The Forest). I did play Fallout 4 eventually, because like most Bethesda games it barely remembers to remind you to do the main storyline as opposed to helping Settlements or whatever, but it took me a while to get past the initial intro. There are so many games out there I’d rather play one I know I won’t find incredibly annoying or upsetting from the outset.


Will I still keep all my Valor points after I get my Covid shot?

They’ll convert into headaches and full body aches and a sore arm, but it’ll be worth it.

That’s it for The Queue today. If you need me, I’ll be in bed.

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