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Discussion > WoWApr 15, 2021 8:00 am CT

What should Blizzard do to (further) fix Anima? What do you think would make players happy about the Anima system?

Anima, like other rewards in Shadowlands, kind of feels bad at the moment. Blizzard has responded by tweaking the system, but it’s hard to deny that these tweaks haven’t really fixed that feeling — I likened it once to not being able to hear a song on the radio and responding by turning the volume up from 1 to 2 on the dial. Yes, 2 is more than 1, but it’s not enough of a change to get people excited. But it’s of course easy for me to sit back and say, not enough without suggesting what they could do to fix the problem without devaluing Anima and making it a trivial thing.

I mean, I do kind of think Blizzard already had systems in Battle for Azeroth that could definitely help. Remember Island Expeditions? Just set them on floating islands off the ‘coasts’ of the various Shadowlands zones, like the ones you can see in Ardenweald, and go to town letting folks fight spectral monkey pirates for the stuff. Perhaps this isn’t so much a solution as it is me just wanting ghost apes with eyepatches to fight, but I honestly believe having the ability to sit down and farm Anima would go a long way towards letting players feel like they have some level of control over it, and thus would ease the frustration players get when it feels like the game is fighting them directly to prevent them from progressing.

But that’s just one solution. Sure, it’s got the spirits of buccaneer bonobos to battle, but they don’t have to rely on avaricious ape apparitions to ameliorate the Anima inadequacy — there are other ways? Can you think of any you’d prefer? If translucent gibbons with peg legs aren’t the path forward to free-flowing Anima, what would you prefer to see? More Anima from bosses? Bigger Anima rewards from World Quests? How can Blizzard address Anima in Shadowlands?

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