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The QueueApr 20, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: It is today.

Do the thing. You know the one.

This is The Queue, where we are occasionally mature enough to answer any burning questions you may ask (but only very occasionally).


Q4TQ: In my search to find the correct DPS spec for my Kyrian prot warrior, I was having lots of dissonance between Fury and the Kyrian armor and spell effects, so I swapped to Arms but don’t like the playstyle. I went back to Fury and removed all my Glyphs that set me on fire and it felt so much better. Has a cosmetic change ever changed the way you perceived a class or spec?

I cannot play Outlaw Rogue unless I am actively changing my transmog to this:

Every single upgrade, out comes my silly yak, and the pirate in me is restored. Obviously, if I’m playing my Vulpera Rogue, the whole effect is red-themed instead, because I have to use the snazzy Horde Admiral Hat instead, but the piracy theme has to be maintained or I can’t even look at them on the login screen.


Q4tQ: Which NPCs from bygone expansions do you miss?

I’m asking because I didn’t think I’d miss anything from BfA, but I find that I do. For example, hearing Bwondsamdi’s cackle when I die – hands down the best spirit healer in the game. And every time I access the AH from someone’s dino mount, I remember that I miss the tortollan. For one thing, they had some of the best voice actors in the game ever. I’m not even going to start on everyone’s favourite granny, Maryann Strossner as Nola, but even the regular greets or good-byes (“Not everything in the ocean is a good-looking or nice-mannered as I am!” or “Fine, leave! I was done talking to you anyway.”) were memorable and hilarious

Am I a joke to you?

I will say I miss the density of some player races in the troops on the ground, Gilneans chief among them. Gravelly menace is my jam. Yes, we see them occasionally, but not as often as we used to. Same for Pandaren in particular, because we went from seeing them constantly in MoP to almost never since, and I miss that a lot. When’s the last time you saw a Vulpera just chillin?

Conversely, you know who I don’t miss? The Unshackled. Very specifically, Vim.


Q4tQ: WoW has a long history of characters getting turned evil by one corruptive force or another. Who’s your long-shot, random guess at who’s going to get that treatment next?

Mine is Malfurion. He’ll attempt to fully cleanse the Void’s influence from the Emerald Dream (again) and get infested instead, so we get an entire Emerald Nightmare expansion. But in the end, Tyrande shows up and just glares at him until he comes to his senses. Because even the Void doesn’t want to mess with her.

Corruption in WoW tends to follow one of two paths: either an already morally gray character takes on a powerful corrupting force in order to take on an even worse enemy, or a totally, completely pure character is twisted into a monster by the enemy and then is usually some kind of boss fight, begs us to take them out.

As such, I think the next person who’s going to get corrupted is Shandris. She’s going to take on the burden of being Night Warrior in order to save Tyrande, and then get rekt. She’ll either be corrupted and we’ll have to take her down, or she’ll be obliterated by the sheer power of the Night Warrior, which only Tyrande was powerful enough to wield for any length of time.

Then part of the final act of Shadowlands for Night Fae will be saving her soul from the Jailer or whoever is the final bigbad, so she can spend eternity in Ardenweald chilling with Ysera.

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