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Discussion > WoWMay 25, 2021 8:00 am CT

Would you rather fight 100 Garrosh-sized Deathwings, or one Deathwing-sized Garrosh?

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Hear me out.

I realize this is a silly question, but I actually do have a real point here. Sometimes we get bosses who, while still being pretty big like Garrosh was, aren’t nightmarishly huge — for example, Illidan himself in Black Temple wasn’t so ridiculously huge as to dominate the entire fight area, nor was Kael’thas improbably gigantic. They were much larger than the players, but that could be understood as a visual shortcut, a way of making sure that the players could all see and target them. Compared to the bosses in Molten Core, all of who were at least massive and got to be utterly gigantic in some cases like Ragnaros himself, they were almost petite in contrast.

WoW has gotten better at contrasting boss sizes over the years, and we’ve gotten a variety of sizes. Icecrown Citadel had quite a few more mortal-sized opponents, up to and including the Lich King himself, but there were also giant abominations and swirling bone vortexes to fight to keep things mixed up. Cataclysm had not one, but two fights against a Kaiju-sized Deathwing, and while I enjoyed both fights, I’ve always regretted we never got to face up against Deathwing in his humanoid form, perhaps as a phase in the Madness of Deathwing fight, or a separate fight of its own.

And that’s what led me to ask the admittedly silly question — would you rather fight 100 Garrosh-sized Deathwings, or one utterly humongous Garrosh who we’d presumably have to climb up and have an entire fight with his hip, or knee, or something similar? Do you prefer your raid boss encounters to be a smaller scale, a more intimate conflict with stuff closer to your own perspective, or against a gigantic sky-shrouding leviathan so huge it boggles the mind to even observe it?

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