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The QueueJun 17, 2021 11:59 am CT

The Queue: WoW needs pistols and hand crossbows

I don’t really know why, but for whatever reason my preferred Cyberpunk 2077 build is focused around pistols and quickhacks. It’s similar to this build that focused on blades and quickhacks, but trading out blades for pistols, and it’s heavily reliant on the Comrade’s Hammer one-shot pistol that does ridiculous amounts of damage because it fires one big grenade instead of four normal bullets. It’s slow to reload, but that’s fine, because I use the reload time to use some quickhacks like Contagion or Breach Protocol to damage and debuff my opponents.

Anyway, I wish World of Warcraft would introduce pistols and let Hunters dual-wield them.


I should have asked Rossi where I should level my Mag’har orc warrior. I’m sick to death of WoD and even I can only do the Jade Forest so many times

I left a comment yesterday but I’m going to expand on it a bit — I think TBC is a really good expansion to level through on a Mag’har Orc because for that Orc, it would be really surreal and trippy to see this distorted, blasted, altered version of the world they were born on and lived on all of their lives, with Shadowmoon Valley all crawling with Fel, Hellfire Peninsula replacing Tanaan, and the bizarre and twisted versions of places that would be familiar to them like the jumbled Blade’s Edge Mountains and Netherstorm replacing Frostfire Ridge and Gorgrond.

If you’re just not down for that — maybe you don’t like TBC, or maybe you’re playing Burning Crusade Classic and feel like that handles your need for that content — then my next recommendation would be Wrath of the Lich King or Legion.


I’m also surprised Rossi didn’t make a Batman joke.

I feel like I covered that on Twitter and didn’t need to rehash it here. But if people are curious, here are my Twitter jokes about Batman’s reticence to reciprocate.


Q4tQ: Will there be an upgrade to the raid feasts in 9.1? Or are we still going to be indulging in gluttonous hedonism?

As far as I can tell, no. If there are upgrades, I have not been able to find them.


Do you think the patch could drop for 4th of July week as many Americans will be off work for the holiday?

Up until July 5th,  there’s a small chance, but if it was going to be July 4th I’d expect an announcement right now.

Also, saw that you got your eye injection. Hopefully they’re less painful than mine are. Mine are coming up on June 30 this month.


Q4tQ: Are you the type to watch a trailer for an upcoming movie or game and be content, or do you also enjoy watching someone dissect the trailer by going through it frame by frame and pointing out all the hidden details?

Yes and sometimes? It depends on a lot of factors — do I like the person doing the dissecting? Deep dive videos can be fun but they can also be annoying, depending on the way the person doing it performs that role. Also, if I already know a lot about it, I’m often way less interested in that kind of thing. Generally, if there’s a sense of humor about it and it’s not mean spirited, I’m down for some commentary and easter egg reveals.


Q4tQ: at what point would WoW go beyond the pale in it’s story to you?

Depends on what you mean by ‘beyond the pale’ in this context, but assuming you mean the point where I’d nope out… I mean, I didn’t nope out at the Burning of Teldrassil even though it very much ruined the Horde for me to the point where I can’t play my Tauren anymore, so perhaps there is no hard and fast I quit moment, just a series of decisions that affect my enthusiasm in various ways.

I think, for example, I was very excited for Warlords of Draenor but lost a lot of that enthusiasm when the story felt rushed and like they’d chopped an entire raid tier out of it, but then I was again excited for Legion and I ended that expansion just as excited. Battle for Azeroth kind of killed my excitement up front, although in the end I leveled several alts and even raided some, so I liked it more than I expected to. Shadowlands I’ve been super interested in the story so far, but the content drought has really made staying engaged harder. But unless Blizzard really did something like have the Alliance wipe out Orgrimmar and kill everyone in it, I think any decision to give up on the story would be based in increments, not big moments.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Liz is up tomorrow, so get those Hearthstone questions ready.

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