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HearthstoneJul 26, 2021 11:00 am CT

How to complete all the puzzles in Hearthstone’s Book of Heroes: Gul’dan adventure

Gul'dan offers a tasty beverage

It might be a little difficult to convince a bunch of orc chieftains to drink the suspicious, green and thick substance in this demon horn you’re holding — particularly in the form of a puzzle in the latest Hearthstone adventure. The puzzles the Book of Heroes: Gul’dan adventure can prove to be an arduous task even for experienced players (or experienced warlocks). And even if you got past those Chieftains of the Horde puzzles from the fourth challenge, perhaps you got stuck in the Fallen Soldier puzzles from the seventh.

Fear not, my young evil orc warlock! Here are the solutions for you to beat all eleven puzzles contained in Gul’dan’s adventure. Read on to learn how to make the world kneel before you!

How to beat the puzzles in Challenge 4: Chieftains of the Horde

For these puzzles, you’ll need to destroy all the enemy minions, and then use your Hero Power — which always costs 2 mana — to offer the Blood of Mannoroth to the current Chieftain.

Puzzle 1/8: Grommash Hellscream

  1. Cast Shadow Bolt on the minion in the middle.
  2. Attack the two remaining minions with your Imps.

Puzzle 2/8: Blackhand

  1. Play all three Dragon Eggs.
  2. Play the Animated Broomstick.
  3. Attack Rend Blackhand with two of the Whelps.

Puzzle 3/8: Durotan

  1. Cast Hellfire.
  2. Cast the spell you just got, Shadow Council.
  3. Play all three Felhounds you just got, and attack one minion with each.

Puzzle 4/8: Kilrogg Deadeye

  1. Cast Grimore of Sacrifice on your left minion, the 1/1 Worthless Imp.
  2. Use your Dunemaul Shaman to kill both enemy minions.

Puzzle 5/8: Fenris Wolfbrother

  1. Attack any of the Taunt minions with one of your Felrattlers.
  2. Play your Deathweb Spider.
  3. Play your Flame Imp.
  4. Play your Felhound.
  5. Play your Animated Broomstick.
  6. Kill one of the 4/4 Taunts with your Deathweb Spider.
  7. Kill the only 4/1 Taunt with your Animated Broomstick.
  8. Hit one of the 4/4 Taunts with your Flame Imp.
  9. Hit the 4/4 Taunt with one of your Felrattlers.
  10. Hit the 4/4 Wild Spirit Wolf with your final Felrattler.
  11. Kill the 3/2 Clefthoof with Felhound.

Puzzle 6/8: Hurkan Skullsplinter

  1. Cast Curse of Weakness once.
  2. Hit each of the 4/9 Taunts with one of your 3/5 Fantastic Firebirds.
  3. Hit each of the 6/6 Taunts with one of your 3/1 Fantastic Firebirds.
  4. Kill one of the Taunts with Drain Soul.
  5. Hit the final Taunt with your Lake Thresher.

How to beat the puzzles in Challenge 7: Zuluhed the Whacked

  1. Play both of your Darkglares.
  2. Hit the Taunt minion with two of your 1/1s, which will refresh your Mana Crystals to 6/6.
  3. Cast Fiendish Circle.
  4. Hit the Taunt minion with your two remaining Locust minions, which sends your Mana to 6/6 again.
  5. Cast Darkest Hour.
  6. Kill the Taunt minion with your 3/12.
  7. Kill the 3/3 with your 3/7.
  8. Kill the 6/4 with your 5/5.
  9. Kill the 5/6 that has Deathrattle with your 6/6. Play the two Coins you get.
  10. Hit the 5/6 with your 5/5.
  11. Kill the 5/1 with your 3/4.

Puzzle 8/8: Kargath Bladefist

  1. Play a Raven Familiar. You’ll get The Soularium.
  2. Cast The Soularium.
  3. Kill the two Taunts with your two 6/6 minions.
  4. Kill one of the 0/3 Treasure Chests with your 3/12.
  5. Play the two Coins you just got.
  6. Kill your Raven Familiar with one of your copies of Demonfire.
  7. Play your second Raven Familiar. You’ll get a second copy of The Soularium.
  8. Kill your second Raven Familiar with Demonfire.
  9. Cast The Soularium.
  10. Kill the second Treasure Chest with your 3/12, and play the two Coins.
  11. Kill the 7/7 with your 7/5.
  12. Kill one of the 4/8s with your 8/8.
  13. Hit the other 4/8 with your 6/6.
  14. Use your 3/12 to kill all the 1/1s, and then the remaining 4/2.

How to beat the puzzles in Challenge 7/8: Fallen Soldier

For these puzzles, you must destroy all minions, fully clearing both boards — yours and the enemy’s — adding a new element to the challenge.

Puzzle 1/3

  1. Cast School Spirits.
  2. Cast Mortal Coil on one of the 5/3 Skeletons.
  3. Play your 3/4 Ravenous Familiar.
  4. Kill the 5/2 Skeleton with your Ravenous Familiar.
  5. Cast Soul Shear on the 6/6 Spirit of Teron’gor.
  6. Cast Torment Soul.

Puzzle 2/3

  1. Play Spirit Jailer.
  2. Cast School Spirits.
  3. Play the two Coins.
  4. Cast Soul Shear on your own Spirit Jailer.
  5. Play your Soulwinger.
  6. Use the six 3/3 Rush minions to kill every enemy minion except for the 6/6 Spirit of Teron’gor.
  7. Play the four Coins.
  8. Cast Hysteria on the 6/6 Spirit of Teron’gor.

Puzzle 3/3

  1. Play your Void Drinker.
  2. Cast Harvest Soul on your Void Drinker.
  3. Cast Soul Rend.

That’s it! You’ve now conquered all your puny enemies, and delivered not one, but two worlds to the hands of the demons of the Burning Legion! Isn’t it nice when things work out?

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