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Discussion > WoWSep 1, 2021 8:00 am CT

What other challenges would you like to see Blizzard bring back via Timewalking?

Patch 9.1.5 will be hitting the PTR this week, and one of the surprises is that the otherwise-expected Legion Timewalking is also going to include a Mythic+ mode. While we don’t know what this new old mode is going to entail, it opens up other possibilities of challenging content returning via the Timewalking format.

The initial reaction to the implementation of Timewalking Mythic+ is wondering whether its predecessor the Challenge Mode will also someday return. Essentially an amped-up version of the normal dungeon with a timer hanging over your head, Challenge Modes had a different vibe than the current Mythic+ system. Your goal was to “win,” not to keep pushing higher keys, so it was more of a diversion than an alternative progression system. It was also a way to get some cool cosmetic gear and collectibles, ones that are no longer available.

Might we be able to climb the Mage Tower again?

Of course, while I’m sure we’d all love a chance to earn almost-exclusive class outfits or acquire the Pandaren phoenix mounts, the one removed challenge that the community still desires is the Mage Tower and its artifact (and druid form) appearances. It’s the most natural candidate for a return — due to the aforementioned community clamor — but it also puts into focus the biggest problem with bringing back any removed content designed to be challenging: balance.

The Mage Tower challenges were tough, but they weren’t evenly so. Roots of Shaldrassil by themselves could turn the Beast Mastery challenge into a snoozefest, and I’m pretty sure the only reason my Elemental Shaman was able to beat the poorly-named Impossible Foe was because I could go ham and burst the Imp Mother down right at the end of Legion. Besides the unevenness of the encounters, there’s the fact that the game has changed a lot since then: powers have come and gone, the aforementioned Roots of Shaldrassil no longer offer healing, and scaling is an imperfect science Blizzard has yet to crack, as we’ve seen with the mixed results of Timewalking Raids.

Of course, Blizzard could simply ignore the balance aspect and not make the original rewards available again. Mage Tower and Challenge Modes could be done in a “tourist mode”, with the normal rewards we see in current Timewalking content. I don’t know if that’ll make people content or angry, to be honest, but it’s an option.

What other removed content would you like a chance at experiencing via Timewalking? Do you miss running the Mists of Pandaria scenarios? Would you like to see Warfronts make a return in 10.1.5 via Timewalking? Let us know in the comments below!

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