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The QueueNov 1, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Remember to keep Halloween in your heart

And celebrate it all year ’round.

Just 364 days until next Halloween! I’m sure there’ll be other interesting things in between then and now — probably. New Year’s Eve is pretty fun, I guess. I can’t help but feel like I’m forgetting something though. We’ve had the Nightmare, but doesn’t it come before something?

Ah well, I’m sure it’ll come to me. While I try to remember what it is, it’s time for — The Queue.


Saw an interesting discussion on twitter which got me thinking.

Let’s say you’re making art, of any kind. Could be drawings, paintings, music, writing a novel or short stories, a game, etc. Of course, you’re not going to please everyone; that’s impossible. So let’s be generous and assume that you’re going to please 75% of the people who interact with your art.

The question is: how would you rather have the other 25% react?

a) Hate it (but still talk about it, even if it’s only to criticize it), or

b) Don’t care for it / ignore it?

I go back and forth on this all of the time. I’m pretty thin-skinned when it comes to certain kinds of criticism and so I think it’s better for people to just not engage with the content at all if it’s not to their liking. But unfortunately, criticism is unfortunately one of the tools that we can use to get better as writers.

If everything I did was just uniformly perfect and had everyone love it, eventually I’d get lazy and just play the hits. So engaging with some kinds of criticism is good.

That being said it has to actually be criticism, if it’s something just being toxicly dumped on, that’s not doing anyone any good. People who have gotten into patterns like that should really take a moment or two to figure out why they’re engaging with the content at all if they can’t find any things about it to like.


I don’t understand why the cat mount’s eyes don’t blink. 

If the cat mount was blinking, how would it pay attention to that ghost that’s just behind you?


Last QftQ: What’s your ludicrous dream job. I think would be looking for some way to work for Nintendo despite any mismatch in skills.

If we’re talking completely ludicrous, it’s gotta be an astronaut. I just wanna go to space so badly, and unfortunately, I’m neither an actor who played a starship captain nor am I wildly stupidly rich. Life isn’t fair sometimes.

There are a lot of other jobs that I’d love to have if I was a little more qualified on paper. Sadly while I have some great people skills, and creativity, and can write things — finding a job that would take advantage of all of those has been tough. So I guess what I’m saying is I wanna be a lottery winner who lives on the beach and writes haikus for tourists.


Q4TQ: How are you/did you spend Halloween? I am going to see Danny Elfman perform the Nightmare Before Christmas live with Billie Eilish as Sally and Weird Al doing stuff too!

I’m still so incredibly jealous of you getting to go to that. I hope you had a blast and that it was an amazing concert.

I hit up a party on Friday with a friend of mine, stayed out way too late having fun, and lost my house key. So y’know a pretty awesome night. While the rest of the weekend was spent watching horror movies and tv shows, and then I gave candy to people who came to the door on Halloween proper. We got more people than last year — unsurprisingly — but there is still a bunch of leftover chocolate for me.


Q4TQ: would you pay 400k gold for a transmog piece that you really want? Or, for that price, would you rather spend the time/effort trying to get it to drop for you (even if it’s a random green world drop)?

I haven’t even spent 400k to get the last few store mounts, no heckin way am I dropping it on some transmog. Especially if it’s something that can drop. My gold is basically just for buying game time and new Blizz games as they release.

Having something rare like that to work towards occasionally is good too. I wouldn’t go super hard on it like I did with one of the Maldraxxus mount drops at the beginning of Shadowlands —  that wound up taking about 1200 Bone Wyvern things before I finally got my egg to hatch into one of them. I just don’t have the time to do that right now, so I’d probably take 15 minutes here or there when I was waiting for friends to get on for Keystones, or raid to start. Maybe I get the thing, maybe I don’t.


How important is it to you to get 100% on games that have the capability?

Oh, not that important. Unless it’s an open-world game like the last two Assassins Creeds or the PS4 Spider-Man. I may not have fully gotten 100% of those, but I did get almost all of the achievements, and Kassandra and Eivor completed every location in England and Greece.

But if 100% involves getting into the hard mode difficulty I’ll often not even attempt it. There are so many games out there to play, and I’ll usually move on once I’ve beaten them rather than invest in doing things again but harder.


Would you prefer a 9.2, end of expansion, and new expansion next year, or a 9.3, and new expansion in ’23?

That’s such a tough question. I would like to be getting into some new new stuff sooner than later. But I really think that to properly do the story of Shadowlands we need a third patch/raid tier. Which would likely see us going into 2023 as you said. Maybe they could get away with only a 9.2 if they also had a 9.2.5 that opened up a smaller 6(ish)-boss raid tier to really tie everything in a bow.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Banana Boat Song (Day-O)

I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween! Stay spooky, and leave Anna lots of questions for tomorrow!!

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