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The QueueJan 4, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Everyone is fired.

I don’t know why nobody informed me that Cozy Grove is by far the best, most me game ever, but everyone who didn’t make me buy this game earlier is fired. Anna Washenko is safe. The rest of you? Fired.

That’s a pun, because a character in Cozy Grove is literally a fire. You still have to come in. Sorry for any confusion!

This is The Queue where, if you ask us questions, we will definitely answer because we might get a merit badge.


QftQ: I’ve heard so many people say they aren’t good at melee classes, but they play demon hunter anyway because “it’s so much fun.” Do you think Blizzard hit on something with demon hunters they should try to apply to other melee classes despite the risk of some homogeneity?

Fun is ridiculously subjective. See: Rossi’s insistence we all play Warriors, contrasted with my desire to completely not do that. Personally, I’m not even into Demon Hunters. The only unique hook as a melee class I enjoy is Rogues’ stealth demi-minigame, and that’s largely out of combat, making it a struggle to actually level them, while all I want to do is roam around and pickpocket, which nets zero XP.

Side note, while I get that the intent is for you to pickpocket and then kill stuff so they don’t want you to double dip, a la, why Skinning gives no XP, at the same time I’d love to be able to go into a my-level dungeon and pickpocket my way to level cap. It would be considerably more Rogue-like than my usual MO, which is to just get bored and not play my Rogue. But anyway.

With Demon Hunters, I think a good deal of it is the 3D movement in combat. Sure, other classes can jump, and Warriors can even Heroic Leap, but Demon Hunters can double jump and are ridiculously zippy. It seems like they’ve tried to capture that with other classes — I’d argue that it’s possible that depending on spec, a Monk’s Roll may make them even more mobile — but there seems to be a je ne sais quoi with that double jump. So, yes, just add a double jump for everyone. I’d be behind that.


@Red & other HSBG types. Do you think they over-nerfed elementals. They really seem tough to make work at the moment. I don’t know the stats but Beasts, Murlocs, Demons and Dragons all seem favored against elementals right now.

I used to like playing Elementals the most, because it really rewarded you for consistent play and turning your deck around. It seemed like the Control deck of Battlegrounds — which means, if you start hitting it right, there’s nothing anybody can really do to stop you. By contrast, a deck like Beasts tends to center around getting the game to hit your dudes in the exact right order, which always feels incredibly stressful. Even Demons can get routed easily if the wrong card gets nuked early-ish.

I’ll also say that it feels really bad if you’re playing a deck that’s very reliant on churn, like Elementals, to have people rout you while playing decks that rely on pulling the correct cards early and just holding them, like certain Dragons builds… but that’s down to RNG as well. I’ve found that a lot of PVP games that have an RNG element can feel unfair if you’re the player playing the more consistent, but plates-juggling deck and you lose to someone who pretty much went AFK after they upgraded to Tavern 4.

Also, SI Sefin can jump in a lake.


QftQ: Did the Darkmoon Faire guys decide to take the month off in protest of our beating up N’zoth? XD

As y’all noted in the comments, after a brief scheduling snafu the Darkmoon Faire has re-entered the calendar. It’s slated to begin this coming Saturday.

To be fair, pretty much nobody knew what time it was this past week, so it’s pretty understandable that the date of an interdimensional circus would end up being a little sketchy.


Spent most of my day searching for my old pair of glasses as the bridge on my newest pair managed to snap. I detest having to wear glasses, I have a headache as these older ones are the same strength but there is something different and my brain is not happy.

On the plus side these older ones are nice, I remember paying a bit too much for them when I got them and they are lighter than air. *amused Druid*

Wearing glasses sucks, did I mention dat? Anyway! Enough of dat! Hope ya are all having an awesome day! :D

I love my glasses for around the house because they’re so grab-and-go, and I also really like how the pair I have look on me. I also have blue light blocking tint in mine, which makes them great for doing things on the computer for an extended period of time. There’s an added fringe benefit in this time of plague where there’s an actual physical barrier preventing me from touching my face.

However, any time I have to do anything approaching activity I opt for the contacts. Even something as low-impact as yoga isn’t fun while wearing glasses. I mean, it’s not fun with the contacts in either, but it’s really tough to balance in tree pose if your glasses are out of position from doing a sun salutation, and now that’s all you can focus on. As much as I love my prescription sunglasses, they’re also a pain to swap around if I’m doing something like running errands on a sunny day. And as much as I like how my glasses look on me, I rarely wear them when I’m doing anything in front of a camera, because I hate the way the glare looks. It’s not quite as applicable if I’m just taking a selfie in natural light, but it looks really bad if I have a great big ring light reflection in them.

Glasses problems.

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