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WoWJan 17, 2022 10:00 am CT

You’ll be able to get an infinite Augment Rune and lots of other cool stuff from Enlightened reputation in patch 9.2

A recurring stat-boosting item that appeared in every expansion from Mists of Pandaria and Legion will make its return in Shadowlands patch 9.2. By working on your reputation with The Enlightened, a new faction coming with that patch, you’ll be able to purchase the Eternal Augment Rune, a permanent item that increases all your stats by 18 for 1 hour.

For the past few World of Warcraft expansions — with the exception of Battle for Azeroth — we were able to eventually unlock a permanent item that increased our stats, which acted in practice like an infinite Augment Rune. Mists had the Crystal of Insanity, while Warlords of Draenor gave us Oralius’ Whispering Crystal. Legion added two of those items: the Demon Hunter-exclusive Inquisitor’s Menacing Eye from their intro experience, and the Repurposed Fel Focuser for everyone else.

In fact, nearly every single one of my character still carries the Repurposed Fel Focuser in their bags and uses it to this day, which is why I was so excited to see that I might be able to finally replace it with a shiny, new, and more powerful version — as long as it’s alt-friendly enough to get, like the Legion item was. Sadly, on the PTR right now, this item requires Exalted reputation with The Enlightened to purchase, so it might be a tad unrealistic to expect to obtain it on several characters.

Currently, this item has a one minute cooldown on the PTR. Usually, this kind of item has had a 15 minute cooldown, so it remains to be seen if the Eternal Augment Rune will be changed to fit that pattern as well — which wouldn’t surprise me.

There are lots of powerful items you can earn with Enlightened reputation

The Enlightened will also sell two new Crafter’s Mark items: the Crafter’s Mark IV (obtainable at Honored reputation) allows you to upgrade your crafted items to item level 233, while the Crafter’s Mark of the First Ones (obtainable at Revered reputation) upgrades the crafted item to item level 262, but also makes it Unique Equipped — which hints that you might only be able to equip one item crafted with that particular mark.

At Revered Reputation, you can purchase an Inscription technique called Contract: Enlightened Brokers, which allows you to earn reputation with The Enlightened with every Shadowlands World Quest you complete. At that same reputation level, you can also purchase an item called the Lens of Focused Intention, which is necessary (among other requirements) to craft one of two mounts. Finally, at Exalted reputation, alongside the aforementioned Augment Rune, you can also get a new Hearthstone item, the Broker Translocation Matrix — another fun item to cap the grind.

Of course, all of this information is taken from the PTR, and still subject to change. We might still get even more items added to the Enlightened vendors. With that said, the Eternal Augment Rune has definitely piqued my interest, and I will be working toward it — while also hoping that the process to obtain it is eventually made alt-friendly enough that I can finally replace the Repurposed Fel Focuser on all of my alts.

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