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The QueueFeb 14, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: We just had to live on a pumpkin farm…

Sure moving the whole Queue to a pumpkin farm for retirement seems like a good idea to start. There’s plenty of nice open skies, fresh air, and all the pumpkin-based food you can eat. I know that I could probably live off of pumpkin beer and pumpkin pie for the rest of my life.

But to quote the great scientist Dr. Ian Malcom “Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s running and screaming.”

While I look for a place to hide from the legion of pumpkin monsters hungry for the blood of the one who slaughtered their family, it’s time for — The Queue.


Mists of Pandaria already gave us a farm, and I thought it was really well done. It was the precursor to the garrison and class order halls, and even the Covenants to an extent, but none of them had that same peaceful step away from the world that the farms gave. This makes me want to go visit my farm again.

This just ties back into players getting a little slice of the world that they can exert some control over and exist without the looming threat of the day coming along to ruin things. There are still places that exist in the world that can help scratch that itch, but they’re never truly yours. A good example is a Swolekin gym in western Bastion.

I was really hoping that we’d get our own ships to sail in Battle for Azeroth. It seemed like we were primed for that with how much of a naval theme the original conflict of the expansion seemed to have — we wanted the Zandalari and Kul Tiran fleets after all. Sure we’d probably have used them in much the same way as the garrison, as mobile bases of operations where we sent followers out from, but there is something inherently peaceful from being on the open ocean at the prow of your own ship.

Maybe the next expansion will give us those assuming we get something focused on exploring the rest of Azeroth.


Well, we could not replicate that one good attempt, Sylvanas yet lives.

Putting in two extra raid nights between now and 9.2, we’re gonna get this.

I believe in you, good luck!

With a 51% wipe under your belts now you’re just looking for that one perfect pull where everyone plays at their best. Maybe consider wearing a lucky costume if you have one of those — or getting out a lucky pet. If you don’t have a lucky pet yet, may I recommend naming a Hyjal Bear Cub Cory? Could be the extra bit of luck you need!


Q4tQ: I enjoyed Vox Machina, I watched it in two sittings. Then watched Inside Job in three sittings. It satisfies my amusement of things like Flat Earthers. Currently I’m working my way through Disenchantment and with the Great News Everyone I’m looking forward to new episodes of Future Rama.

I like that I’ve been able to find adult cartoons that aren’t worried about having adult level humor in it. Granted it’s silly adult level humor. But that’s what I enjoy about it. It’s a mindless escape from all of the craziness in the world. What adult cartoons have you enjoyed watching, silly or otherwise?

I really liked Inside Job. The cast was fantastic, and I loved all of the zany background details. I haven’t finished Vox Machina or Disenchantment yet, but like you, I am looking forward to there being more Futurama. Provided of course, that they reach a deal with John DiMaggio and don’t recast Bender.

Star Trek: Lower Decks tops the list of silly stuff for me. I wasn’t initially sold on it after an episode or two, but by the end of the first season, I was pretty well hooked. There are enough jokes mixed in with love and appreciation and gentle ribbing at the Star Treks that have come before for me to be very satisfied.

On the other end of the spectrum is BoJack Horseman. There’s a show that gets into some capital H Heavy material, while also still being extremely silly and chock full of animal puns and slapstick. Plus, it’s got tongue twisters galore — poor Amy Sedaris had to say some truly tough twisters.


Q4HSBGs players: who’s your “go to” hero, the one that you know you can play well, and can almost guarantee a good result with?

Mine is Ragnaros.

I’ve been really enjoying C’Thun whenever I get him. I feel like he’s good enough to always carry my boards through the mid-game into the late time, where I’m weakest. I like to hold onto my early picks too often and boy can I pay for it. Now his buddy works really well too if you can get something that buffs a bunch of things at the end of your turn like a Charlga.

The second choice is that Tree guy who buffs things when you put them on the board. I don’t remember his name, but it’s usually pretty easy to get enough Deathrattle minions that summon minions to make him worthwhile.

Pre-nerf Illidan got me my Pretzel Mustard achievement, so I bet I could do pretty well with him still. It was almost Spicy Pretzel Mustard too! Just one bad draw that totally should’ve gone my way.


Q4tQ: Do you skip TV show intros?

I don’t. I’m not sure why.

It depends on the intro. If I’m watching one show a week, then no probably not. If the show has a banger of a theme song like Peacemaker then also probably not.

It’s when I’m watching a few episodes in a row though that I start to skip. I like BoJack intro, but on my most recent re-watch when I did ten+ episodes a week, it just gets a bit too samey. Exceptions of course for the first episode of a new season and last episode of the series. In case they change something from season to season in the intro, and just as a capstone to the whole show.


QftQ: With 9.2 having a release date on the 22nd and we’ve already had some announcements that probably would have been at BlizzConline (the USG and cross-faction groups), when do we think the next expansion will be announced?

My guess is that they are going to take advantage of being unbound by any convention timetable to announce it the Thursday or Friday after the final campaign chapter unlocks in a pre-announced stream, giving players a few days to finish up the story and speculate like mad about what the campaign finale means in the context of where we are headed. Prior to this we may get further announcements on 9.2.5.

Well, I would say conservatively the week of April 19th as the week the final wing of LFR comes out. So all of the players who aren’t in dedicated raiding guilds would have a chance to see the full Shadowlands story and experience the raid. That could be a perfect world situation though. If they delay it too much there won’t be as long to get it onto the PTR and get things tested prior to it actually releasing. Since I assume that we’re looking at an early 2023 release for it.

That’d put us in the final raid tier for about a year. Which while not ideal, is about par for the average with past expansions. Fingers crossed we don’t get another 14 month Siege of Orgrimmar style experience.

That was just too much Garrosh. (Even if he did give me a cool mechanical scorpion to ride around on.)

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Barracuda

Happy Valentine’s day everyone — if you’re still hunting for that Heartbreaker I wish you good luck!

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