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HearthstoneFeb 28, 2022 4:19 pm CT

14 Hearthstone skins that hint at alternate stories in the Warcraft universe

Hearthstone has many alternate skins for both Constructed and Battlegrounds, and while some of them are mere variations over the base hero — for instance, showing a hero like Uther sporting the Judgement Armor set from World of Warcraft — others go much further than that. Some of the more inventive skins tease our minds with “what if?” scenarios or glimpses at alternate realities where the most prominent names in the Warcraft universe occupy “similar-but-different” roles.

Lately, there’s a growing sentiment of appreciation for the lighthearted “alternative lore” that Hearthstone presents, in comparison to WoW. It’s nice to see the world of Azeroth simply not taking itself as seriously. In the Hearthstone playground, we can witness its greatest heroes (and villains) taking on roles that are more akin to comic book craziness, or to the whimsical nature of fairy tales — or simply seeing them relaxing and enjoying themselves for a change.

So buckle up, and let’s enjoy these alternative stories, with all the fun and silliness they portray!

Heroes from a different land

Once upon a time, a brave hunter scoured the land stealing from the miners and loggers, and giving back to the wild. ‘Twas Robin Hood Rexxar, whose tale you might have heard before — the big city of Orgrimmar was not the place for him, nor was fighting alongside the Horde. Rexxar’s true call was that of the wild.

Far away from there, however, another vigilante also took matters into her own hands — she was known as The Warden, and you wouldn’t call her a hero. Crime-fighting, justice-dealing, arresting Night Elves who tamper with demonic forces, and imprisoning them for 10,000 years? Those dark and violent actions eventually catch up with you. They always do.

Dancing like nobody’s watching

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of those Burning Legions and Scourge armies and Old Gods just left us alone for a change? I feel like we all agree that, by now, the heroes that protect Azeroth must be exhausted. Can you imagine a world where our heroes are allowed to simply partake in a fun activity like dancing in a festival?

I’m sure that both Diao Chan Valeera and Festival Jaina are much needed breaths of fresh air in this world of strife. It’s certainly nice to see Jaina just enjoying life for a change after going through so much over the past years, non-stop. But at the same time, Valeera’s art and theme in that gorgeous skin are indicative that she’ll never cease to be a force to be reckoned with, even in moments of levity.

Bunnies, kittens, and demonic magic

“Eat,” said Hatcher Gul’dan with a growl in his voice, offering the fel-infused Noblegarden chocolate egg, as his loyal demon-bunny closely watched with glee.

“I can’t, man, I’m kinda busy here right now,” responded Sabertender Illidan as a cat chewed on his horn, while another insisted on munching on his legs after growing bored of using it as a glorified scratching post — and there were at least three more to deal with.

His prison cell was starting to look like a fond memory of a simpler, quieter time.

Anduin’s Alternative Adventures

Who is the most eligible bachelor of Stormwind — nay, of all the Eastern Kingdoms? We all know the answer to that, and it’s the man, the myth, the king, Anduin Llane Wrynn.

We watched him grow from a little boy in the throne room under the scheming eyes of a black dragon to a surprisingly mischievous teenager who ran away to have adventures in Pandaria — with a black dragon — to an adult who punched a black dragon in the face and later ended up dominated by the Jailer. But little did we know that Anduin Wrynn was capable of playing many other roles.

Such as that one time when he put on his most gallant exterior and became Prince Charming Anduin, the object of everyone’s desires, a knight who forsook shining armor and favored exposed pectorals. Or that summer when he took a part-time job on the kingdom’s secretive organization of espionage, and donned the title of SI:7 Anduin. Truly a man of many talents, and full of surprises!

Villains come to terrorize your Saturday mornings

Maybe you turned on the TV and a cartoon was on. Perhaps it was that one where an Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion gets rebuilt by Dr. Boom into Mecha-Jaraxxus, a mechanical menace plotting to take over your planet with the Rusted Legion in tow, as a group known as the Trifling Gnomes tries to stop him, episode after episode.

Or, perhaps, it was the tale of how Garrosh Hellscream never vied to become Warchief of the Horde — instead, he found his calling sailing the South Seas on his own ship, terrorizing the coast of Theramore as Pirate King Garrosh, hunting down Alliance footmen for sport, looting and pillaging to satisfy his bottomless fury.

Honestly, I’d watch both of those.

Old Gods can be terrifyingly cute

“MADNESS!,” screamed Soggy Yoggy in protest as a Void Lord came to get him out of the sea. “I was reenacting the kraken scene from The Pirates of Booty Bay!”

“Yes, you were, for two hours,” responded Agl’athrax the Befouled as he lifted the misshapen blob of tentacles and mouths out of the water. “You do it every single day. Now go play with your friend.”

Agl’athrax dumped Soggy Yoggy in the sand, and upon hearing the commotion, Cute’Thun quickly hid behind a rock.

“Now, now, don’t be shy,” shouted Agl’athrax to Cute’Thun. “Be a nice Old God and come play with Soggy Yoggy! He’s your friend!”

“Your friends will abandon you,” responded Cute’Thun as a laser beam came out of his central eye and fried a nearby Silithid hatchling that had been scurrying in the hot sand.

It was a very cute laser beam.

Just enjoying life by the pool

Ahhh, this is the life. These burgers are gonna be delicious — Grill King Bolvar certainly knows all about charring meat to perfection. He had years and years of practice, after all — the Helm of Domination ensures that no beef dares resist his will.

While you wait for the burgers to grill, perhaps you want to join Pool Party Maiev on the fun and shenanigans. Everyone is there: Vol’jin, Milhouse Manastorm, even Ragnaros! Of course, they always make fun of her for never taking off her Warden helmet — not even to enjoy the cool water. “It sends a message,” she responds cryptically. “Now pass me the sunscreen. I don’t wanna end up like the Grill King over there.”

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