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The QueueApr 11, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Redeemed

We did it! We saved Anduin!

It felt really nice to finally get that fight, he’s definitely the fight in Sepulcher that has caused my guild the most issues on Heroic so far. Although I’m not looking forward to figuring out what new twist the Lords of Dread have for us.

Tonight was a rough raid night though, we had not one, but two(!) sub 1% wipes on Anduin. We got so close and then spent another hour and a half getting back to close and getting the kill. It was almost a super clean kill too, he was at 5% health left, and the first wave of the debuffs was wearing off when someone walked their exploding debuff right over top of the tanks and melee…

If we didn’t have two battle rezzes available I would’ve been writing a much different post right now.

While I try and figure out who blew me up, it’s time for — The Queue.


I finally completed Blood Infusion. It took me a few tries to get it right but thankfully that hassle is over. I also got Frost Infusion done. Now I get to spend the next several weeks picking up pieces of Arthas’ chair. :)


The Shadowmourn questline was my favorite of the old method Legendary questlines. However, I was never able to get my Holy Paladin her Shadowmourne back during content because of the Blood Infusion.

I’m still bitter about it to this day! 

Obviously, a Holy Paladin would be pretty far down the priority list for a Shadowmourne, and I acknowledged that. But I was able to get the initial steps done just trailing along behind the people. So finally I was able to get a night to get the Unholy Infusion done. No sweat, that meant I was up to the Blood Infusion. This was fairly deep into the raid at this point, and my guild had gotten a handful of Shadowmournes done by now. We were pros at dealing with the increased difficulty on the wing bosses for the infusions at this point.

Except for the person directly in front of me on the path to Shadowmourne. They could not complete their Blood Infusion. No matter how many tries we gave them. Week after week they kept failing the challenge. Thus, week after week I kept not getting my chance to get it.

I don’t remember exactly when I went back to get it done, but eventually, the ax was mine. Just a little way past when it was trendy.


Q4TQ: where in ZM do you park your characters, Haven or Pilgrim’s Grace?

I just have the one character in Zereth Mortis right now, but I can’t park him there. How would I poke my mission table all the way from there?!?

It’s not the most engaging content, but I can usually pull at least a thousand gold out of it a day. Either by selling augment runes and crafting materials, or just running those gold missions. I used to scoff at them, but if you can send out four missions at roughly 300 gold each, just for the cost of some Anima… that’s a decent day’s wage for just a minute worth of table use.

Of the two places, you listed though, I would definitely leave myself at Haven. It’s closer to Firim’s cave and has the Anima depositing place.


Alright, trying to find what Horde alt to work on next and I think I’m caught between demo lock or BM hunter, they’re both about equally geared, both goblins, and both have about the same Covenant progression. Kind of leaning demo cause I like the casting animations more than the shooting ones.

Demonology Warlock is easily my vote.

Throwing imps at your problem until you don’t have a problem anymore is fantastic. I suppose that’s similar to throwing random Dire Beasts at the problem too, but how cute conceptually is the Imp-plosion spell?

Also, I agree with you on Goblin casting animations. I love how the dudes just kinda “bowl” their spells out of their hands. That always brings a smile to my face.


I’ve been thinking about Shadowlands season 4 and the addition of two extra M+ dungeons from BfA, Legion and WoD, and how that could be worked into future content seasons.

Adding a set amount of dungeons from previous expansions into each season could shake up the dungeon pool and make it a bit less stale.

Having 20 possible keys instead of 10 minimizes the risk of having to run the same dungeon over and over, and rotating the pool of older dungeons in the mix with each season ensures that you’re not doing the exact same thing a whole expansion.

I’m liking the idea of getting a whole new batch of M+ dungeons to run. Although I’m leaning more towards the interpretation that these are replacing the current crop of dungeons, rather than being added to it.

The Mega-Dungeons are some of the best dungeons that they’ve done recently and that includes the last boss in Return to Karazhan. Although I have more than once failed a key because things went pear-shaped on it.

I don’t know that I’d want 20 possible keys to get a score from in order to get my Keystone Master achievement done though. Getting the two versions (Fortified and Tyrannical) of each is already annoying enough, without having to get both of those from an additional ten dungeons.

While I am excited about the dungeon shake-up, it’s the raids in Season 4 that are the most interesting to me. With one major caveat, I’m in a six-hour-a-week raiding guild, I don’t know how we’re going to find the time to clear everything. Any one of these raids on Heroic could take us a full night by the time we’ve got everything down. Especially with the amount of trash in Sepulcher…

How are we supposed to prioritize! Do we swap week to week? It’ll be interesting to see how my Raid-Leader decides to tackle this.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Push It

I hope that you all have your own lucky kills this week and that your Great Vaults are, well, great! Don’t forget to leave Anna lots of questions for tomorrow, or risk the bad karma tainting your Vault…

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