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The QueueApr 14, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: A week of firsts

I didn’t exactly plan it this way, but in the past week, I’ve been to the movies, rock climbed, and started playing WoW again — all things I haven’t done in a very long time. It’s been nice, although still partially feels off. Also rock climbing absolutely destroyed what was barely left of my muscles. It’s gonna be a minute before I can climb how I used to.

But you know what’s not a first? A Thursday Mitch Queue. Buckle up — it’s Queue time.


Q4TQ: Anyone know who “MitchFizzl” is that is logging on to WoW after a long absence? Think any thinking has surprised him since his return, pleasantly or otherwise?

Yes, it’s true, I’ve been logging onto WoW more. At this point, I haven’t actually done anything “new” though. I caught up on 9.1 stuff enough to unlock flying, and now I’m trying to get my item level high enough that I can actually run the new raid on LFR. Oh, and I’ve been trying to clear out my quest log because — somehow — “your quest log is full” is still a thing, even when 98% of my log is from the current expansion.

Otherwise, it’s just been kind of a nice thing to mindlessly do in the background. I haven’t done enough to be surprised one way or another, outside of being reminded that PVP item levels are now separate and I can’t just Honor grind my way to a higher item level >.>

But hey, since I’ve been on more, you can totally start asking me WoW questions again! Seriously, hit me with your best. I’m back to being a WoW pro now 😎


Q4tQ: My Pocopoc keeps vanishing; even the summon button disappears off my toolbar.
WHY :(

Your what now? I think this is a “WoW question,” and I know I said ask me WoW questions, but you can’t just make up words and expect me to fall for it.


Q4tQ: How would you feel if the covenant system returned next expansion, but was 100% just cosmetic rewards, zero player power? Assuming we do get an expansion based around the Dragonflights, and class skins do become a reality, which Dragonflight could you see being the one that upgrades your spell effects the best?

As much as I love cosmetic rewards, it would totally depend on the grind required to get the cosmetic rewards. Maybe it’s better now, but the Anima grind to get the purely cosmetic Covenant armor sets was/is far and away too much of a grind to actually enjoy. Front load us with a whole lot of super cool options, then let us naturally progress to get the “premium”-tier content.

As far as which flight would give me the coolest spells? I’m still hopeful we get new Dragon factions and not just the existing ones, but all the same, Infinite Dragons have some cool effects, and I think they’d mesh well with Shadow.


On the topic of the “glory days” of WoW. It is certainly worth considering that what people want out of the game can often be mutually exclusive.

For example I would personally love an expansion that’s set entirely in a region we’ve already been to mostly featuring characters we’ve already met, and rewarding gear that’s very clearly in an existing style. Completely new dungeons/raids, rebuilt open world zones with updated graphics of course, but a lot of it is pretty familiar.

However I’m pretty sure that description fills at least some of the people reading it with terror. And I’m not going to tell you you are wrong, because you aren’t. But it doesn’t change the fact that I would love to see that expansion, as it’s all about our own personal preferences which in this case are fundamentally subjective.

I completely agree with you, and it’s one of the many reasons I don’t envy the WoW devs. I’m sure if they had infinite resources, they’d implement everything under the sun.

But since they don’t and can’t, I’d love to see Blizzard follow in the footsteps of Riot Forge and have other game companies — ones that are masters at their craft — utilize the Warcraft IP to create spinoff titles that explore more of the world and let us engage with Azeroth in more ways than WoW alone can offer. I know it’s not entirely the same, but it’s still something I wish Blizzard would do. It’s pretty dang brilliant, and so far, the Riot Forge content I’ve seen has been fantastic.


Q4tMitch: what Elden Ring bosses would be most improved with the addition of googly eyes?

Ulcerated tree spirit is one of my picks, they could use more features to telegraph their bonkers attack patterns.

If the googly eyes scaled with the boss size, I think it would be pretty dang funny to see Rykard with giant googly eyes. Imagine that big ol’ snake creature charging at you and wrecking your face with the most ridiculous, oversized googly eyes ever. It would be fantastic!

Alternatively, the Ancestral Spirit bosses could be pretty fun to see with oversized googly eyes.


Q4tQ Do you think they’ll announce a start time for closed beta of the nexpac during the presentation next week? Not necessarily “Happening on May 5th!” but more like “Closed Beta will be starting in Early June”

Do I think they will? Not exactly. I give it maybe a 63% chance they do. Now, I would love to be surprised and get a date — but I’ve come in with high expectations in the past and found myself disappointed when I see “Look for more info on timing soon!” … so I don’t want to do that again.

I’d say expect a beta Soon™ but not necessarily announced during the livestream; be pleasantly surprised if we get more.

Aaaaand that’s our Queue for this fine Thursday! I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and be sure to leave lots of queuestions for tomorrow’s writer. Ta-ta!

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