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The QueueApr 20, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Ducks

Ducks and their relatives have been around for a long, long time — there are fossils of waterfowl related to ducks and geese going back to before the Cretaceous/Paleogene extinction event. Vegavis was not an ancestor of or a member of the Anatidae, but it was certainly a relative. Other possible (although more dubious) duck relatives include the Demon Duck of Doom, aka Bullockornis, although a lot of paleontologists think they’re more closely related to chickens.

Why on Earth do I bring this up? Well, WoW has a tendency to add things like saber teeth or spiked tails to animals that did not or do not actually have them. And man, I’m hoping they go whole-hog on ducks and give us something like Garganornis except with giant teeth in its bill for no reason whatsoever.

It’s the Queue. Let’s duck this!


I have to admit, I do not really care about ducks. I mean, they’re neat. but they don’t reach the level of this other stuff.

It’s a good thing I’m dead inside or this would have killed me.


Question for the Tuskarr queue: Are the Northrend Tuskarr there because they followed the dragons there, or were there always Tuskarr in Northrend? Or did the dragons relocate to Northrend because there were Tuskarr there as well as in the Dragon Isles?

I honestly am super excited to find out all about these new Tuskarr and how they ended up on the Dragon Isles. One possibility is that the Dragon Isles may have been physically part of Northrend before the Sundering — with Malygos having laired in Coldarra and Dragonblight right there (with Wyrmrest Temple, no less) it’s quite possible that the Dragon Isles were somewhere close to Northrend and the Tuskarr in Northrend and the Tuskarr on the Dragon Isles were simply separated from each other by the destruction of ancient Kalimdor.


…just to make sure, there are no currently known female black dragons, right?

I know of at least four — Sintharia aka Lady Sinestra, the former prime consort of Deathwing himself, Onyxia, her daughter and broodmother of the flight while her mother was presumed dead (before she was actually dead), Nyxondra, another daughter of Deathwing and the mother of the eggs which were merged together to form Wrathion, and Nalice, former ambassador of the Black Dragonflight. As far as we know, they’re all dead now.


Did we get any info about how Evokers will play other than what was in the deep dive? I know there have been bits and pieces of info scattered about in various post reveal interviews, but wasn’t sure if I read through them all on wowhead.

I do like the idea of certain spells having the ability to charge up by holding down your key, and I’m already envisioning how Blizz might apply this to other spells across all classes.

I don’t believe anything substantial outside of the Deep Dive, no. Which is to be expected, the expansion isn’t even close to a release date yet and we just got the announcement yesterday. I too would like more details about my eventual Dragon Son, but for now I think we’ll just have to wait patiently and think about ducks.


Im 25 hours into Amalur: Re-Reckoning.

So I’m impressed also with legendary comic book creator Todd McFarlane apparently letting his art team have the freedom to do whatever they wanted to do on the game.

When I first heard he was art director of Amalur, my initial impression was, “there’s gonna be some serious drama.

His ego regarding his working relationship with Marvel is well-known. It’s why he left Marvel. He wanted complete control over what he was doing.

So I also expected Amalur to look like McFarlane art to a T, which I don’t think would have been a good thing. Dark, gritty, etc. Maybe in certain spots, but not all over the game.

But he did it. He let his people do their thing. I see influences of his art style, but it’s not everywhere. And apparently there was no bad drama (besides Curt Schilling’s bad decisions).

McFarlane must’ve grown as a person since 1992. Good for him.

Considering the game came out in 2012, I feel like it’s art style and the artistic decisions made by the team hold up surprisingly well. It shares a bit of the somewhat cartoony style that artists like McFarlane and Joe Madureira made popular (albeit in different ways) without just looking like McFarlane hitched brain slugs up to everyone else involved.

It is of course one of my favorite games, so I’m glad you seem to be enjoying it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Ducks. Ducks are good. I’m glad we have ducks incoming.

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