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Discussion > WoWJul 27, 2022 8:00 am CT

What race did you expect would be playable in WoW by now?

I am still kind of amazed we never got playable Vrykul. I figured after Wrath that we’d certainly be getting them sooner or later, probably as a Horde race. Going into Legion I seriously thought we might see the Alliance get Gorian Empire Ogres and the Horde get Vrykul. Instead, we got… well, a lot of Elves. Frankly, I’m still kind of amazed at the missed opportunity.

Similarly, I keep thinking we’re going to get playable Naga and it keeps not happening, to the point where I’m not even sure I want them anymore and I’d probably be confused if they ever actually became a playable race. I mean, I certainly expected the Naga by now, but then again, I expected playable Furbolg to join the Alliance after the Horde burned down Teldrassil (and thereby killed a couple of Furbolg tribes that were living on the thing) and that didn’t happen either.

Perhaps I simply don’t have my thumb on the pulse of the community’s interest. I mean, how many people would really want to play an Ogre or a Vrykul or a Furbolg? (Besides players of discernment and good taste, I mean.) I’m also the person who thought we should have gotten Saurok by now, and I won’t lie, if they added playable Raptors — yes, the dinosaurs — I would be as ecstatic as a happy dolphin. I assume that’s fairly ecstatic.

But what about you? Were you banking on playable San’layn? Did you think we’d get to play as Mantid or Qiraji or Nerubians by this point? Were you banking on High Elves, I hope not, because Blizzard is absolutely never going to make High Elves playable after they made Void Elves. What World of Warcraft races did you think would be playable by now?

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